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Service Smart Technology

Leverage big data and machine learning to deliver intelligent features for ITSM

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Smart machine technologies for contextual and personalized interaction are creating new options for knowledge dissemination.

Service Smart Technology

  • Intelligent Search
  • Recommendation Engines
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Bot Responders
Machine Learning Algorithms
Service Management Domain Model
Big Data Processing Environment
Ticket History

Deliver Smarter Service Management

Discover how ChangeGear Service Smart Technology enhances ITSM to take advantage of big data insights with real-time recommendations for staff and end users.

ChangeGear Field Recommender powers real-time intelligence to guide staff in completing a ticket. Get new staff up to speed faster and maintain consistency in your processes.

  • Get real-time recommendations for field values based on historical analysis
  • Each recommendation is accompanied by alternatives with confidence scoring
  • Field recommender keeps learning as additional details are completed in summary & description fields

ChangeGear Smart Responder works proactively to help end users resolve incidents while keeping them engaged during the entire ticket submission process.

  • Engage your users with automated smart responses to their in box that include relevant solution recommendations from the knowledge base.
  • Automated email notifications keep end users informed by providing when a ticket is estimated to be resolved

ChangeGear IntellAssign takes the guesswork out of ticket routing and maximizes efficiency among your workforce by using analytics to assign tickets.

  • Enable automations to determine ticket load balancing for you
  • Organizational data & historical staff records are used contextually to determine the right person for the job

ChangeGear Suggestion Center perfectly harnesses the power of system intelligence to provide staff with real-time suggested recommendations for tickets based on an advanced analysis of ticket history, knowledge based, and user interactions.

  • Staff get real-time access to recommended solutions for incident
  • Easily resolve tickets with one of the recommended solutions
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