Understanding ITSM: Incident Management Workflow



Understanding IT Service Management

IT Service Management (ITSM) revolves around the principle that your IT organization, or IT department, provides and maintains services for the good of the business. Making sure these services both meet the needs of the business and are available when and where they need them means you need both a set of processes and tools to make sure your team operates efficiently and effectively. Knowing where to start to improve though, and what tools will help, rather than hinder you is a critical component to your team’s success.

That’s where the Understanding ITSM series of help guides from SunView Software comes in. As a compliment to our Getting Started guides, this next level is aimed at taking you from researching and determining necessary requirements for a modern ITSM solution to applying principles in your organization that have been built from a foundation of best practices such as ITIL®. 

It is important to remember that this guide should function more like a reference and template for your own unique situation. While it can be followed strictly, it is likely there will need to be adaptations for your specific implementation. We appreciate your interest, and as always, invite you to look at our complete range of help guides, fact sheets, and white papers.

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