How CoBiz Financial Consolidated ITSM and Reduced Costs With ChangeGear

Phil is an IT technical support manager at CoBiz Financial. ChangeGear's intuitive interface allows Phil's team to make customizations that are as simple or complex as they'd like. Click on the video above to hear Phil's ChangeGear story.

Discover how the IT department for a renowned financial services company was able to use ChangeGear’s integrated ITIL-based modules and workflows to better consolidate IT service management, improve efficiency, reduce overhead costs and speed up net resolution times.



CoBiz Financial Inc. is a public multi-billion-dollar financial services company serving the greater Colorado and Arizona markets. It specializes in business banking services in areas such as loans, employee & executive benefits, investment management, insurance, wealth management and more. The IT Service Desk team at CoBiz Financial is tasked with working incidents and service requests submitted from end users as well as monitoring and managing IT and configuration changes. Additionally, the team have daily responsibilities in maintaining strong knowledge management best practices to support their users’ needs.

According to Phil Donnelly, the IT Technical Support Manager at CoBiz, his team were often fighting against their previous implementation made up of disparate systems. Those systems were often difficult to manage, unstable, and required ongoing support from an outsourced consultant to configure and maintain. Moreover, response times to build out new workflows or make necessary customizations were very slow, resulting in a costly and cumbersome solution that was ineffective at integrating all of their critical IT services.

In order to achieve a higher ROI from their service management solution, CoBiz selected ChangeGear to consolidate their ITSM processes and deliver more robust enterprise IT services from a seamless single-platform solution.



  • Consolidate critical ITSM processes (incident, change, knowledge management, CMDB, etc.) with an integrated single-platform application to better align with business needs
  • More effectively manage, maintain, and customize system configurations (forms, fields, workflows, etc.) in-house without support from third-party technical consultants
  • Improve overall stability of critical ITSM services and their dependencies



Making the jump from a smaller, immature service desk to a fully-featured ITIL suite is quite the leap. Mr. Donnelly and his team needed to take careful considerations to make sure that ChangeGear would be implemented quickly without expensive roadblocks or customizations holding back production. Overall, the service desk team at CoBiz had a very positive experience getting ChangeGear up-and-running:

“Implementation with ChangeGear was very easy and straight-forward.” said Donnelly. “The SunView Professional Services team is great, and their support was vital during our ITSM vendor selection process. The team went above and beyond in training our team on the software and onboarding ChangeGear into our organization. We initiated our contract with SunView in January of 2016, and in just four months, we were up-and-running and ready to go.”

Over the past two years using ChangeGear, Donnelly and his team have evolved from their out-of-the-box processes of Incident, Service Requests and Knowledge Management, to leveraging the platform for tracking Configuration Items in a CMDB. The team is also planning to roll out processes for advanced Change Management in the near future. Donnelly compared his experience with ChangeGear to his previous solution:

“My experience [with ChangeGear] has been awesome. It’s a very stable system. Our previous solution was cumbersome, and it yielded itself to a more specialized skillset to actually support and maintain. Additionally, we didn’t often have those skills in-house, so we had to hire a consultant, which was costly and not as responsive as we would have liked. With ChangeGear, we haven’t had any of those issues. The user interface is simple and intuitive. Our team can very easily build things and make it do what we want, no matter if it’s a simple or more complex workflow. The platform is very flexible in those regards.”



Donnelly talked about some of the biggest benefits of using ChangeGear that have helped to improve the organization and help to better align IT with the needs of the business:

“Where ChangeGear has really helped us is for one, we’re not having to pay licensing on two separate systems like we had in the past, so we have a big cost-savings right there. Additionally, using the platform - the interface, the experience, everything; has just been so much easier from both an end user perspective as well as from a technical side. We’ve seen a positive ROI simply from being able to consolidate our ITSM processes and deliver better overall services to the business.”

Along with the usability of the platform, the support team at SunView has made great strides in helping Mr. Donnelly and his team at CoBiz get the most out of their implementation:

“Working with the SunView support team has been amazing.” said Donnelly. “Their responsiveness has been a key factor in why we chose them, and I feel like I’ve made great relationships with them over the past couple of years. Whether it’s the service desk team helping with quick fixes or the professional services team for when I need assistance with some of the more advanced customizations, they really invest themselves to make sure that we are successful in what we are trying to do, and I applaud them for that.”


Final Thoughts

Mr. Donnelly and his team at CoBiz have made great strides over the past two years in successfully implementing ChangeGear and pushing forward with their solution as they continue to integrate new processes and capabilities to better align with the needs of the business.

“If I were recommending SunView and ChangeGear to a colleague,” said Donnelly. “I’d say, 'yeah there’s bigger names out there, but what value are you getting?' In my experience, ChangeGear is a superior product that offers more bang for your buck in terms of actually getting what you want accomplished out of your implementation. Additionally, the support you’ll get from the SunView team is tremendous. They really want to see your implementation succeed and they work hard to make sure it does. It’s a very good relationship you have with the company. You don’t feel isolated and left on an island. You get that value right there.”