Overcoming CMDB Deployment Challenges


If you have not yet deployed a configuration management database (CMDB), rest assured, you are not alone. Despite the fact that tremendous value can be derived from an effective CMDB System, IT organizations often face a number of hurdles in moving toward CMDB powered IT. As with the adoption of other relatively new technologies, some of these challenges are real and others are artificial, based on fear and inaccurate information.

Some very large CMDB deployments, as well as some that have simply struggled due to missteps, have created misconceptions about CMDB deployment costs, timelines and results. CMDB deployments are not typically multi-year, multi-million dollar projects that produce few beneficial results. With proper deployment processes and appropriate tool selection, the mid-sized IT organization should experience tangible results much more rapidly and at a far lower cost. As the CMDB is becoming a foundational element of IT management processes and CMDB products suitable for mainstream adoption have become available, there are fewer reasons to wait and many more to move forward. IT organizations that have not yet adopted a CMDB are encouraged to begin the process and involve all groups within IT operations.

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