How St. Mary's Medical Center Improved ITSM Efficiency With ChangeGear

David is an IT Support Desk Supervisor at St. Mary's Medical Center. The ChangeGear workflows and automatic ticket routing features have helped David's team become more efficient. Click on the video above to hear David's ChangeGear story.

Discover how the IT department for a large healthcare organization leveraged ChangeGear’s Intelligent ITSM platform to create an integrated service environment that allows the help desk to work proactively. Read how St. Mary’s worked with SunView Software to improve organizational speed, team efficiency, and resolve tickets in less time.


St. Mary’s Medical Center is among some of the largest healthcare facilities in West Virginia, employing a staff of over 2,600 workers and serving roughly 393 beds on-location. They specialize in cardiac care, cancer treatments, neuroscience, and orthopedics as well as emergency and trauma services. The St. Mary’s IT Service Desk team is largely responsible for managing critical services to the organization such as resolving incidents and request tickets, providing customer service support, approving and managing system changes, and more.

According to David Gentry, St. Mary’s Help Desk Supervisor, his team struggled to establish change management and tracking processes using their previous solution, BMC Track-It. They were also limited by the amount of customization options available specifically for reporting and building workflows to meet the needs of their organization. After determining that they had outgrown the scope of their previous solution, the team made the decision to move up to an enterprise-grade ITIL suite by implementing ChangeGear Service Manager.


  • Establish strong change management processes and best practices including: using change workflows, setting up approvals, tracking & documenting policies, etc.
  • Create a more automated environment to support proactive management of critical IT services
  • Make enhancements to the knowledge base and self-service portal in order to increase end-user engagement and reduce tier-one level support ticket volume


Getting up and running with a fully-featured IT service management solution can be quite the task. However, Mr. Gentry had many positive things to say about his experiences with ChangeGear since St. Mary’s started with their implementation project:

“My overall experience with ChangeGear has been a lot better than I expected for an enterprise application considering the size and scope of what we needed to have done here at our facility. SunView has really made a lot of things easier for us out of the box. A lot of the workflows we’re using required very little to no customization at all. However, when we did need items or workflows configured, working with the professional services team made things really easy for us to get that done without any hassle.”

Since the implementation, Gentry and his team had success leveraging ChangeGear and all of its ITIL-based modules (including Incident, Problem, Service Request, Self-Service, etc.). One of the biggest gaps filled by the new solution was having a fully-integrated system for tracking and managing IT changes.

“One of the needs that really needed to be met was change management,” said Gentry. “our change management process [within our previous solution] just didn't do the job and therefore, our process for managing changes was somewhat abandoned until we got ChangeGear. Once we rolled out change management within ChangeGear, everything kind of picked up and has gotten a lot better, especially with its processes for managing approvals and documenting some of our policies in the system. Our team has really benefitted by following the application’s simple workflows and is now up to speed on managing all RFCs that come through the system.”

Gentry also described how ChangeGear’s powerful automations helped to make his team more proactive in keeping up with their end users’ requests:

“ChangeGear has a really strong notification process. Just having the ability to notify end users when tickets are created, when they are accepted, who's working on them, etc., is big for us. This was a huge pain point for us in the past as we really did suffer from that “black hole effect” that a lot of service desks experience, but we don't experience that very much anymore. Also, being able to automatically update incident tickets with end user responses as they happen via email has really helped to speed up our team’s ability to fulfill requests accurately and on-time.”

Today, David Gentry and his team at St. Mary’s depend on ChangeGear to manage and facilitate thousands of critical incidents, requests, changes and more to ensure the stability of IT services and the overall health of the organization. Having been live for over a year now, he has noticed dramatic process improvements since moving on from their previous solution:

“I know that the speed… our resolution times to be exact, have really improved since we started using ChangeGear. One use case I can point to is ChangeGear’s ability to easily track the SLAs we have in place and automatically notify us of when those are getting ready to expire. That's really helped us pay attention to the timeframes that we have set in place. Additionally, we’ve improved how our knowledge base content is shared among our end users on the self-service portal. Now more of our users are finding solutions on their own versus having to call us and wait for a response. Those were some big-time areas ChangeGear addressed that have really helped us improve our efficiency and reduce some of the workload for our staff.”


Gentry also talked about some of the unique benefits his team gains from ChangeGear’s Service Smart Technology features powered by AI and machine learning.

“Using [ChangeGear’s] intelligent features like Suggestion Center helps out quite a bit. When we are working a ticket and looking for resources to resolve an incident like KBs, past incidents, and so forth, we don't have to go to three or four different places searching for that information. It's all right there with just a click away. The field recommenders also help out quite a bit because they auto-populate the ticket fields with data based on what we type in, no matter the issue. That helps us to quickly process the ticket so we can begin working on the issue without delay.”

He went on to describe how the field recommenders also help with new staff hires:

“I've got a couple new guys that work here and [the field recommenders] have been a real big help for them. When they begin entering data into the ticket fields, the system actually guides them through some of those values such as which technician should be assigned to a what application, and so on. The machine learning aspect of it really helps to take some of the guesswork out of the job.”

However, it wasn’t just ChangeGear’s award-winning intelligent features that won over the Service Desk team at St. Mary’s. Gentry detailed just how ChangeGear’s flexibility, user experience, and in-house support adds huge value over their previous solution:

One of my favorite things about using ChangeGear is how it looks,” said Gentry. “It's nice. It's sleek. It's attractive. It's customizable. That's one of the big things for us is just being able to customize what you want it to do and have the ability to do that. The dashboard shows me everything I need to see at a glance in order to make real-time decisions based on break/fix issues and so on. I also like that I can easily share the dashboard with members of my management team.”

“Additionally, the support team [at SunView] has been really, really good. They've helped me out quite a bit and go out of their way to not only resolve issues quickly, but also educate me so I can solve them on my own in the future. Really, everybody that I've spoken to has been very professional and I have no complaints. To compare, I didn't really have the best support experience from our previous application.” 

Final Thoughts

Overall, David Gentry and his team at St. Mary’s have had great success in implementing and aligning ChangeGear to meet their hospital’s ITSM needs.  

“Before we decided on ChangeGear, I looked at a lot of other applications,” said Gentry. “I did a lot of demos, downloaded trial versions, etc., and they just didn't have the workflows that ChangeGear had and other things like the service request, problem, incident, and change the way we needed it. They didn't have the full package. The reason why I like ChangeGear so much is because it incorporates all of those things in one application. Furthermore, with Service Smart technology coming along, that just enhances everything to make the system run at peak efficiency.”

David wrapped up his thoughts on ChangeGear with his closing endorsement of the application:

“Basically, if you want life to be easier, then go with ChangeGear, because that's what it's done for me. It really is the total package.”