ChangeGear: PCI Compliance Solution Brief



Simplify PCI Security Standards Compliance

Complying with PCI security standards (version 3.2) is essential for any size organization. Violation of these guidelines can lead to potential fines. Many companies find that there are certain barriers they must overcome to not only comply, but do so in an effective and efficient way. This can be achieved through the process of automation.

Automate PCI Security Standard Processes

In the payment card industry (PCI), the regulations that are a part of PCI Security Standards are designed to protect both the buyer and seller and reduce the overall cardholder data footprint. The PCI Security Standards provide a control and asset management framework for the identification, upkeep, and protection of PCI governed assets.

It is possible to meet PCI Security Standards using manual tracking and management, but it can also be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and inefficient. For this reason, many organizations choose an effective Change and Configuration Management software solution to help automate processes to achieve compliance. Change and Configuration Management software can help simplify compliance and the management of your PCI governed assets by providing security policy enforcement, process documentation, workflow automation, and reporting capability for audit purposes.

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