Customer Case Study
Henny Penny

Industry: Food Service Machinery Manufacturing | Headquarters: Eaton, Ohio | Objective: Digital Transformation and IT Modernization

Business Need/Challenge

Henny Penny’s IT department was running on what they called “ancient” software with its user interface and functionality firmly rooted in the 1990s—the “dark ages” of information technology. Back then, companies used to upgrade their software at predetermined intervals, which usually meant once a year because Microsoft tended to release its operating system upgrades (e.g., Windows 95, Windows 98, etc.) on an annual basis. Henny Penny continued to apply patches and upgrades to their IT application through 2014, when they recognized the need for a major change in their entire service request and incident management processes—along with the software that controlled those functions.

The organization realized they needed a flexible and scalable solution that would allow manufacturing personnel and office staff to submit and track requests, while also providing everyone quick and easy access to documentation such as technical manuals, test procedures, training guides, CAD drawings, parts lists, and other file types. They also needed a system that would allow employees to manage their IT infrastructure in the most efficient way possible, enabling coordinated planning, designing, and delivering of IT services. As owners (i.e., shareholders) of the business, everyone had a vested interest in finding an application that would help their entire organization adopt and adapt new changes and processes more efficiently as their business continued to grow.