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Self-Service Portal

Modern Self-Service Portal with Enhanced Personalization

The Self-Service Portal has been completely redesigned from the ground up in ChangeGear 8. It gives users a consumer-like experience, allowing for more personalization over the look and feel of its UI. Additionally, non-technical users can easily leverage ChangeGear’s new codeless customization controls to configure the layout, change colors and logos, and define the location of services in just a few minutes.

Multiple Self-Service Portals

Now you can provide multiple personalized Self-Service Portals across the organization! Give customers more control over how they interact with IT. Easily build, customize, and deploy specific Self-Service Portals to better serve departments, teams, locations, and branches.

SunView Willow AI™ & Machine Learning Platform

Web-based SunView Willow AI Administration

The SunView Willow AI™ Machine Learning capabilities are now easier to administer than ever in ChangeGear 8. Administrators and non-technical staff can now use the new web-based SunView Willow AI™ Management UI to easily enable and configure the data models for Chatbot, Smart Query, and Suggestion Center from one central location. Administrators can also easily train the Machine Learning models directly from ChangeGear’s web-based interface.

Smart Query

All new for ChangeGear 8, Smart Query leverages SunView Willow AI™ Machine Learning technology to help end-users quickly find what they need fast. Smart Query provides a cognitive search that uses Machine Learning to learn from your organization’s data and determines the best results for the user from a variety of configured sources, including: KB articles, historical ticket data, and more.

Smart Query also includes a convenient preview feature that shows a snapshot of the KB article to the user without the need of clicking into it. This makes finding answers from search faster than ever before!

Extended Suggestion Center & Field Recommender Functionality

SunView Willow AI™ has an amazing Suggestion Center and Field Recommender functionality are now available across all modules in ChangeGear 8. Now, staff users can take full advantage of ChangeGear’s real-time Machine Learning to get confidence-based data recommendations when filling out ticket form fields. They will also get suggested KBs and ticket data from the Suggestion Center for modules such as Change Management, Problem Management, Service Request Management, and others. You can even use these intelligent features in Enterprise Process Modules such as HR, Facilities, etc.

Enhanced Field Recommenders

SunView Willow AI™ Field Recommenders are now enhanced with a more accurate Machine Learning model for the Incident module. Now staff can ensure faster and higher-quality ticket fulfillment with recommended data inputs for form fields like Impact, Urgency, Priority, and more.

Enhanced and Expanded Chatbot

The SunView Willow AI™ Chatbot has been completely overhauled in ChangeGear 8. In addition to providing more accurate responses from an enhanced Machine Learning engine, Chatbot can now be personalized to meet specialized needs. Organizations can create, deploy, and manage Chatbots for departments like HR, Facilities, and Finance. These chatbots can then pull results from custom configured sources such as department-specific FAQ documents and Knowledge Base repositories.


Change Management

Change Events Management

ChangeGear now has more enhanced administration functionality for Change Management. With Change Event Management, users can easily configure and manage planned change events like Change Windows and Blackout Periods. This allows for better visibility over changes and promotes more collaboration across the organization.

Change Events Calendar

With the Change Events Calendar, users can gain visual insights into planned change events such as Change Windows and Blackout Periods. Additionally, the calendar can now be embedded directly into a Change Request form.

Other New Features and Enhancements

Global Ticket ID Search

This enhancement provides more control over how users search in ChangeGear. Now, users can perform a global ticket search by the ticket’s ID across the platform.

User Editor

The User Editor has been enhanced to include support for adding users, roles, teams, and departments right from the web-based Administrator panel.

Teams Editor

Teams Editor has been enhanced to include support for adding/updating notification and security teams. Teams Editor now also includes support to add and manage team members right from the web-based Administrator panel.

Organization Editor

The Organization Editor has been enhanced to include support for adding organizations and their contacts right from the web-based Administrator panel.

Document Viewer

The new Document Viewer feature saves your team time by enabling users to instantly view the contents of ticket attachments without the need for downloading them.

Web-Based Email Connector

ChangeGear 8 has an all-new web-based UI for managing the Email connector settings.

64-Bit Architecture

ChangeGear 8 is built on a 64-bit system architecture that allows for greater performance, speed, and scalability.

Exchange Access Using OAuth 2.0

Setup of email connectors and outbound notifications will now allow for the setup and selection of OAuth 2.0 for authentication. The addition of OAuth 2.0 provides the ability to use a token-based authentication for connection of Exchange Web Services.

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