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Make ITSM Work for You with
ChangeGear for Mobile

Immediately take charge of IT Service Management anywhere & anytime.

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Take a First Look at the ChangeGear Mobile Experience.

Faster, more convenient access to ITSM services on the go.

The Power of ChangeGear at Your Finger Tips

Discover how ChangeGear seamlessly optimizes service desk activities for mobile to increase access and improve the overall user experience.

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ChangeGear provides both IT staff and end users a completely personalized experience upon installation. Simply login with your ChangeGear credentials and immediately get access to only the modules and services that are relevant to you.

  • Each mobile environment is automatically personalized based on license, role or permission
  • All ChangeGear forms and workflows are automatically streamlined and optimized with the mobile user experience in mind
  • IT staff can get access to customized dashboards and KPIs while end users can interact with all the items from the self-service portal and receive in-app notifications from the help center

ChangeGear's Willow chatbot comes built-in with the ChangeGear mobile application. This AI-powered virtual assistant provides end users a more natural way to engage with IT, so they can get answers and submit requests in real-time from any device and from any location in the world.

  • Engage with Willow with either text or voice, whatever is more convenient for you!
  • Administrators can fully configure Willow so it easily disseminates knowledge from their organization's most frequently asked questions
  • With advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, Willow can quickly parse user questions and return only the most relevant answers from the web, knowledge base or pre-defined inputs

The ChangeGear mobile experience provides a complete and robust ITSM platform built for smartphones and tablets. Stuck in a meeting? No problem! ChangeGear for mobile allows you to easily access ChangeGear's entire suite of services right from the palm of your hand.

  • Get full access to all of ChangeGear's ITIL-based processes - no compromises!
  • Easily create, customize and configure the mobile experience for both IT staff and end users using ChangeGear's codeless interface

When it comes to protecting the data of your IT organization and its end users, safety and security is a top priority. That's why ChangeGear for mobile goes above and beyond to shield its application environment from potential security threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Support secure Mobile Device Management (MDM) in the office with Mobileiron® compliant corporate VPN automation
  • Access secure data protected by mobile standard SSL encryption
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