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Digital Transformation Designed Specifically for Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) Departments are continually being asked to do more with less. This creates challenges with recruiting, retention, health & wellbeing, employee morale, and more. SunView’s HR Service Manager functionality is designed in line with these needs. Starting with common requests like PTO and office moves and expanding into more complex areas like onboarding and offboarding. ChangeGear’s capabilities allow your HR team to automate processes, streamline approvals, and route requests through the entire enterprise, creating a top-shelf HR experience for your employees.


Improve Engagement with Employees Through the HR Self-Service Portal

Provide employees with an easy-to-use, ‘one click’ experience to submit a variety of HR service requests from your service catalog. Each request type can have its own unique automation, approval, and auditing. Examples include:

  • PTO, FMLA, Payroll, and other HR Cases
  • Onboarding and Offboarding employees
  • Employee Name Changes and other Life Events
  • Interdepartmental transfers and promotions

Operate Securely with Protected PHI/PII Data

Advanced security features ensure that only approved staff can access HR-specific employee data. Our software is designed to let employees see only their own data, keeping HR data secure throughout the process:

  • Employees can only view their requests
  • HR employee actions are automatically recorded to provide a robust audit trail
  • View access can be limited so managers see only ‘need to know’ information—without risking data exposure
  • All actions and data are securely stored with data encryption

24/7 HR Support via Chatbot Power

Leverage SunView Software Willow AI™ to handle employee inquiries 24/7/365. Our chatbot utilizes existing knowledge base articles and FAQ documentation to help answer common questions like:

  • What do I need to do for open enrollment?
  • How do I process an FMLA request?
  • What is my PTO balance?
  • How do I change my home address?

Stay Informed AND Engaged

You stay focused on your employees, while ChangeGear keeps the requests on track. Advanced Service Level Agreements (SLA), Business Policy Automation (BPA), dashboards and reporting keep your HR department informed and aware of the status of HR cases and requests. Instead of worrying about the process, you can let ChangeGear:

  • Alert you of critical or emergency requests
  • Remind you when a request has been sitting too long
  • Keep track of ‘what’s next’ with workflow automation
  • Manage the approval process
  • Generate dashboard and reports that help you easily track cases all the way through completion

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