IT Asset Management Software (ITAM)

ChangeGear solves your asset management challenges throughout your organization, finally allowing you to get rid of hard to manage spreadsheets.

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Manage All of Your Resources Through a Single Platform

Gain deeper insight into your organization’s assets across their lifecycles. ChangeGear’s advanced Asset Management capabilities can be leveraged to manage valuable resources, such as hardware, vehicles, generators, art, and more. Track attributes of non-technical assets with ease, including value, warranty, and contract status. With our track record of success in multiple industries, ChangeGear is here to solve your Asset Management processes.


IT Director/CTO

Give IT leaders oversight of IT assets with detailed counts, ages and costs at any point in the asset's lifecycle.


Compliance Officer/CISO

Know with confidence where assets are, who is using them and monitor them from acquisition through certified destruction.


Finance Director/CFO

Plan your budgets and forecast spend accurately by tracking costs at an asset detail from PO submission throughout its depreciation.

Optimize Cost and Mitigate Risk

ChangeGear will help your organization meet today’s demanding business requirements without compromising on compliance. We understand the risks being taken today as a result of the remote workforce. Let our team focus on making asset tracking easier, while your team focuses on serving your customers.

SunView Software ChangeGear Support Strong IT Controls and Improve Visibility of Assets

Support Strong IT Controls and Improve Visibility of Assets

Know where your assets are, what they’re worth, and who’s using them with ChangeGear’s Asset Management.

  • Accurately plan and budget for hardware refresh cycles by tracking the age of assets.
  • Know 'problem' assets by having them linked to incident and service tickets.
  • Avoid rework and 'walking around to count' assets with a single, standard system.
  • Import from spreadsheets, 'ad hoc' databases, Finance and other sources to build a single source of truth.

Control Operating Costs

Finance departments experience budget savings by relying on ChangeGear’s Asset Management. Our software will help your Finance department:

  • Monitor organizational inventory depreciation in real time.
  • Accurately report asset types and counts without having to go through IT.
  • Improve asset spend and budgeting by identifying old, costly to maintain and unreliable assets.
  • Track assets by department, age, value, etc. through configurable fields.
SunView Software ChangeGear Control Operating Costs
SunView Software ChangeGear Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Meet your organization’s compliance benchmarks with ChangeGear’s Asset Management. Our intuitive software will help your Compliance team:

  • Access real-time reports and executive dashboards on asset usage.
  • Know where an asset is and who’s using it.
  • Track equipment inventory levels.
  • Follow an asset throughout its lifecycle, from deployment to destruction.

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