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IT Challenge

Organizational demand for faster, more efficient IT change is increasing exponentially. As agile processes become more prevalent in the enterprise, teams must be able to track all IT changes and easily produce compliance reports. However, with so many changes happening at a rapid pace, it becomes difficult to maintain complete visibility.

it_profile.png“ChangeGear has enabled us to increase our speed and efficiency by automating change release processes and giving our organization a single system to track all IT changes. Our teams now have complete visibility into all changes for planning, problem resolution and compliance reporting.”
                                        – IT Director

Streamline Change Processing to Create a Competitive Advantage

  • Eliminate emails, spreadsheets, and other manual methods for tracking IT change. ChangeGear allows you to automate the capture and processing of all IT change records across the enterprise.



  • Support change processes for both traditional and continuous delivery methods with out-of-the-box multi-modal workflows. Whether you’re working with ITIL, DevOps or compliance driven processes, ChangeGear delivers the ability to setup easy-to-follow processes to meet your risk and compliance requirements based on your company policies.

  • Provide total visibility into IT change orchestration by enhancing collaboration among development, IT operations and the business. Quickly manage IT changes and increase organizational teamwork with ChangeGear’s integrated change workspace, centralized dashboards and CAB management capabilities.



  • Increase compliance and security measures without compromising on speed and agility. Eliminate the stress associated with demanding regulatory compliance requirements like NERC/CIP, HIPAA, PCI, and others by leveraging ChangeGear to collect all the necessary change records and artifacts for efficient compliance reporting.

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