Automate Change Management to Better Meet Compliance Requirements

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The Compliance Challenge

Many regulations have rules around changes to both IT and Non-IT assets used in business processes. These requirements are often very complex, and preparing for an audit can be an arduous, resource heavy project. Establishing documented processes to support compliance reporting like NERC/CIP, FDA 21 CFR, HIPAA and others is difficult without automation.

biz_profile.png“ChangeGear has automated the process of documenting all changes to our manufacturing equipment, streamlining our approval processes, increasing visibility, and capturing a complete audit trail of all changes. Preparing for audits takes a fraction of the time it used to.”
                                        – Engineering Manager

Leverage Proven Change Management Automation to Ease Compliance

  • ChangeGear makes it easy to capture all the information necessary to process change approvals and establish auditable records.



  • Speed up change approvals by automating the routing based on the information provided in the change request. Create custom rules and develop business workflows by modifying ChangeGear’s highly adaptable process automations – no coding required.



  • Take confidence in your document management operations for compliance standards such as NERC/CIP, FDA 21 CFR and more. ChangeGear captures a robust audit history allowing for simple real-time reporting and streamlined audit preparation.

  • Easily oversee all changes across the organization. ChangeGear’s integrated change workspace and centralized dashboards enhance organizational transparency and oversight.

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