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Change Management for Business Compliance

Modern organizations require a Change Management solution optimized to support the dramatic increase and complexity of change. Through advanced automation and workflow, ChangeGear has been designed to streamline the entire change and release management processes that enable organizations to meet auditing and compliance requirements.

Make Changes For All Roles


Support DevOps initiatives by streamlining change processes to reduce release bottlenecks.


Reduce risks and improve systems availability by automating ITIL change management best practices.


Meet compliance requirements of NERC/CIP, FDA CFR 21, PCI and others by implementing documented change control processes for non IT assets.

Support More Changes. Manage Risk and Compliance.

Discover how Change Manager can optimize change management for better risk and compliance management.

ChangeGear Change Events Calendar

Change Events Calendar

  • See planned change events such as Change Windows and Blackout Periods right in front of you as visual queues on the Change Calendar.
  • Embed the Change Calendar directly into a Change Request form to make it available for every Change.
  • Provide an enterprise-wide view into the Change schedule to coordinate and track Change activity with other planned events within the organization.

Optimized Change Processes For Each Team

Don’t let change management become a bottleneck for IT. ChangeGear is designed to support multiple modes of change processing to accommodate ITIl, DevOps, and Business oriented controls. Multi-modal processing allows organizations to define varying change policies based on the balance of speed and risk.

  • Speed approvals with pre-authorizations based on team performance
  • Increase efficiency with automations for approval and routing
  • Codeless, built-in change model workflows for ITIL, DevOps, and business processes
ChangeGear Change Mode Selector
ChangeGear Change Manager Calendar

Better Visibility Into All Changes

Metrics and collaboration are critical for a successful change management program. ChangeGear enables seamless collaboration around change processes, including tools for smooth execution of CAB or peer review meetings. The fully customizable dashboard provides complete visibility into all changes.

  • ChangeGear dashboards with visual reporting, metrics, and KPIs
  • Easily schedule for change window and blackout period
  • Keep everyone informed with automated email notifications
  • CAB management tools support in-person or virtual CAB meetings

Agile Change Processing

Automation is required in a modern enterprise to keep up with the volume of requests. Easily create new business rules and set up IT process automations, approvals, and notifications with ChangeGear’s codeless BPAs, SLAs, and workflow automations. Approval routing is automated based on RFC types and captures all approval details in the audit trail.

  • Improve communication with automated notifications
  • Establish business rules for RFC processing
  • Keep changes on track with SLA management
  • Optimize RFC forms based on the change type
ChangeGear Change Request Ticket
ChangeGear Change Manager Dashboard

Compliance Reporting Has Never Been Easier

Streamline compliance reporting with a central repository of change information. ChangeGear supports the collection of all documentation for an assessment of risk associated with the change request and provides access for reporting.

  • Reduce risk by creating a central repository of all changes across the enterprise
  • Automate the collection of critical risk documentation and change record history
  • Dramatically reduce time to complete audit reporting

Provide Interconnected Change Management Services

With full RESTful API capabilities, ChangeGear’s Change Management integrates effortlessly with most third-party tools. This integration allows for the software to provide complete change visibility through the automated collection of release artifacts, code and configuration changes, and a collection of other configurable data.

  • Integrate with development toolchain to capture change artifacts
  • Create and update RFCs from other programs
  • Support connections to Asset management, System Monitoring, Source Code Control, and more
ChangeGear Change Manager Services

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