SunView Willow AI™️

Empower your staff and end users solve problems faster with AI-powered assistance that provides real-time recommendations for enhanced decision-making. Meet the fast-paced demands of your organization with a technology platform built to enhance the overall user experience.

Willow AI

SunView Willow AI™️ & Machine Learning

Out-of-the-box intelligence to support your staff and end-users with problem solving, while being more efficient and productive with smart assistance. Predictive insights of SunView Willow AI™️ get tickets assigned to the right team and staff members, maximizing the efficiency of operations. Increase user engagement by assisting your staff and end users with relevant and contextual answers.

Provide suggested solutions for better decision-making, enhanced customer self-service, higher quality service delivery, and faster time to resolution increasing staff efficiency and productivity. Users will quickly find what they need by using cognitive search functionality that intelligently interprets query text to deliver the most accurate results. Users can solve their own problems by interacting with configurable ChatBot, reducing ticket volume for support.


Smart Responder

SunView Willow AI™️ Smart Responder works proactively to help end users resolve incidents while keeping them engaged during the entire ticket submission process. Users get real-time resolution knowledge base suggestions to their inbox, boosting engagement and satisfaction.



Create, deploy, and manage personalized Chatbots for departments like HR, Facilities, and Finance. The chatbots can pull results from custom configured sources such as department-specific FAQ documents and Knowledge Base repositories.


Smart Query

SunView Willow AI™️ Smart Query leverages Machine Learning technology to help end-users find the information they need fast. Smart Query provides a cognitive search that learns from your organization’s data and determines the best results for the user from a variety of configured sources.



SunView Willow AI™️ IntellAssign takes the guesswork out of ticket routing and maximizes efficiency among your workforce by using analytics to assign tickets. Enable automations to determine ticket load balancing for you while determining the right person for the job.


Sentiment Analysis

SunView Willow AI™️ Sentiment Analysis assesses user satisfaction in real-time, improving your ability to prioritize and escalate tickets.


Suggestion Center

SunView Willow AI™️ Suggestion Center perfectly harnesses the power of system intelligence to provide staff with the solutions they need with shorter resolution times. Real-time suggested recommendations for tickets based on an advanced analysis of ticket history, knowledge base, and user interactions create a seamless, efficient problem solving process.


Smart View

The Smart View provides intelligent information about each ticket such as end user sentiment, suggestions for similar tickets, and estimated time to resolve.


Smart Voice

ChangeGear can help speed up response and resolution times by transcribing voicemails, automatically creating tickets, and flagging them for priority or escalation based on the caller’s sentiment when they left the message. Smart Voice view displays the message content, user sentiment, and other key data to help you quickly identify and address high priority issues.


Field Recommender

SunView Willow AI™️ Field Recommender automatically populates fields with predictive answer to help guide staff in completing a ticket. Staff gets ticket completion suggestions, shortening the on-boarding process for new staff and improving overall consistency.


Image Recognition

SunView Willow AI™️ Image Recognition uses AI and Machine Learning to accurately suggest solutions by matching submitted images to previous issues. Your staff will quickly find answers that allow them to respond appropriately and help to resolve issues.