Support for everyone starts by providing people with an easy way to get the answers and support they need.

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Empower Customers Around the World with the Solutions They Seek

Self-Service Portals are an essential component for any business that is serious about customer support. When internal and external customers are empowered to solve their own issues using an SSP, agents can focus on solving higher-value problems so your IT department has the ability to scale as your company grows.

A good SSP allows you to personalize the customer experience by addressing visitors by name. A great SSP allows customers to search for answers using their native language, which benefits not only your customers, but also your support agents.


Make Your Global Audience “Feel at Home” by Offering Support for Languages Around the World

When your customers are more comfortable with languages other than English, a multilingual Self-Service Portal (SSP) can help you support them with ease.

  • SSPs are an essential component for any business that wants to provide scalable services.
  • When internal and external customers are empowered to solve their own issues using an SSP, support teams can focus on solving higher-complexity problems.
  • Enable the reader to decide the language they want and move to a better customer experience.

Raise Customer Satisfaction and Improve Employee Morale

  • Increase productivity and remove cultural barriers by allowing employees to communicate with customers in their preferred language.
  • Easily create one SSP that can be used by anyone, regardless of their preferred language.
  • Build one SSP then freely translate it into multiple languages, keeping standard terms, branding, and design consistent without any extra work.

Modern Self-Service Portal with Enhanced Personalization

The Self-Service Portal has been completely redesigned in ChangeGear 8, with the user experience at the forefront. It provides users:

  • Improved customer satisfaction by giving the end user what they need, when they need it.
  • Reduced number of tickets by empowering the consumer and moving support to those who need it most.
  • Drag and drop controls that allow easy customization to configure the layout, change colors and logos, and point to knowledge sources for answers.

Multiple Self-Service Portals

Now you can provide unique Self-Service Portals for each team or department across the organization! This gives customers:

  • Focused support for HR, IT, Facilities, Payroll, and more all through one central platform.
  • A reduction in the workload of system administrators.
  • Improved impact on the IT budget by serving the entire enterprise through one core application.

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