SunView Software Releases ChangeGear 8, the Next Generation of IT Service Management Platform

Enterprise software provider delivers innovative new solution with a more personalized user experience and built-in intelligence.


TAMPA, FLA, September 2, 2020 – SunView Software, a global provider of IT Service Management solutions for enterprise organizations, has announced the release of ChangeGear 8, the next major version of its flagship product. With this release, SunView delivers a consumer-like experience that enables users to easily navigate and engage with the platform. Coupled with its Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, ChangeGear 8 allows users to quickly find relevant information and improve their decision-making processes.

Powered by SunView’s award-winning Willow™ AI platform, ChangeGear 8 is equipped with native machine learning capabilities that provide in-app assistance and contextual recommendations across all business processes. ChangeGear 8’s enhanced intelligence provides users the ability to find solutions to common problems quickly, automates contextual knowledge for fast decision-making, and analyzes user sentiment.

“The user friendliness of ChangeGear allows it to expand far beyond the realm of IT Service Management--it’s a suite of services inside one application,” said Paul Higdon, Vice President of IT Services at Continuum Global Solutions.

Key Features of ChangeGear 8:

  • Codeless customizability of self-service portals with drag-and-drop capabilities
  • Personalized chatbots for different departments within an organization
  • Cognitive search functions that allow users to access contextual knowledge and ticket information
  • Enhanced change event calendar for ease of scheduling and collaboration

“The next generation of ITSM is about more than just deploying new technologies,” said Seng Sun, CEO of SunView Software. “It is about building modern and personalized experience for knowledge workers. With ChangeGear 8, we are giving the enterprise more ways to take control over their services, so administrators can design the experiences uniquely attuned to meet their needs.”

ChangeGear 8 is available now. For more information about ChangeGear 8, schedule a demo today.


About SunView Software:

SunView Software, Inc. is a leading provider of IT Service Management software that helps companies build smarter, more responsive IT services environments. By providing an amazing user experience combined with innovative AI/Machine Learning technologies, SunView is helping organizations to drive employee engagement, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. Learn more at


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