SunView Software Adds Asset Management to its Innovative ChangeGear 8 Platform

Enterprise software provider continues its promise to provide the “Next Generation of ITSM” with the addition of a full suite of Asset Management features and functionality.

TAMPA, FLA, December 1, 2020 – SunView Software, a global provider of IT Service Management solutions for enterprise organizations, has added Asset Management functionality to its already top-performing ChangeGear 8 software. The inclusion of Asset Management builds on the company’s commitment to provide users with a consumer-like experience while improving their overall productivity and efficiency.

ChangeGear’s Asset Management enables organization to gain deeper insight into their organization’s assets across their lifecycles. Asset owners can manage all valuable resources like IT hardware, fleet vehicles, mobile phones, tablets, and more from ChangeGear’s easy-to-use and centralized portal. Important attributes—such as value, depreciation, warranty, and contract status, SaaS Subscription —are monitored in real-time, keeping staff up to date the status of all organizational assets.

ChangeGear helps organizations meet the high demands of modern business operations, providing a single solution for the whole enterprise. Designed to enhance the performance of the entire organization, its Asset Management features enables support teams to focus on the service to their customers, while ChangeGear handles the responsibility of asset tracking. This new functionality allows organizations to replace traditional, ineffectual spreadsheet management with real asset management. With ChangeGear, organizations maintain strong IT and Finance controls, manage operating costs, and meet regulatory compliance benchmarks with ease.

Key ChangeGear Asset Management Functions Include:

  • A centralized system that eliminates poor management of assets
  • Linking “problem” assets to incident and service tickets
  • Monitoring organizational inventory depreciation in real time
  • Tracking assets by department, age, value, etc. through configurable fields
  • Following an asset throughout its lifecycle

“Asset Management is all about maximizing an organization's assets...who is using them, how they are adding value and where they are, among other things. Without that information, it is impossible to operate efficiently and get the most out of an asset through its entire life-cycle. At SunView, we understand the struggles around managing assets and built ChangeGear to solve for it," says Michael Hechler, Senior Vice President at SunView Software.

ChangeGear 8’s Asset Management is available now. For more information about ChangeGear 8, schedule a demo today.


About SunView Software:

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