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SunView Announces Smart Self-Service Capabilities for More Engaging End User Support on the Service Desk

ITSM provider enhances self-service with AI technology.

TAMPA,Fla. - December 08, 2016 - SunView Software aims to redefine IT self-service by offering smarter modes of access for customers and employees that are both engaging and easy to use. Coming off the heels of a successful launch of ChangeGear 7 with Service Smart Technology, the software company revealed today its plans to roll out new AI-powered self-service enhancements to help organizations implement effective IT self-service that will increase user satisfaction and reduce ticket volume for first level support.

IT organizations have long relied on self-service support options as a means to provide self-help for end users and free up their tier one support capacity. However, according to a research report conducted by HDI (Help Desk Institute), 90% of survey respondents reported that they are not having great success in their organizations with self-service tools that utilize either knowledge or collaborative support functionality.* These same organizations also reported that their biggest challenges have been increasing self-service adoption, access and engagement.

SunView’s new self-service initiative will give customers a variety of channels to access and interact with IT, such as traditional web, mobile and virtual chatbots, so they can get immediate support from any location. In addition to better access, SunView is also leveraging powerful AI technologies to give end users real-time insights into recommended solutions and projected resolution times. With these technology innovations, SunView is revitalizing the self-service experience for better end user engagement and satisfaction.

“What we’re seeing is a need for IT to become more proactive in how it delivers support. Today’s savvy customers want to solve many issues themselves, and organizations must invest in the tools necessary to make the self-service experience accessible and engaging for their end users,” said Seng Sun, CEO of SunView Software. “By combining our experiences with ITSM and AI technologies, we are introducing new and smarter ways to augment self-service that will ultimately save end users time and cut down on costs for the service desk.”

SunView’s new self-service enhancements will soon become available on the ChangeGear platform early in 2017.

About SunView Software, Inc.: Founded in 2003, SunView Software is a leading provider of IT Service Management software that helps companies build smarter, more responsive IT services environments. SunView’s flexible and simple solutions enable companies to better deliver, service, and monitor IT services across the enterprise. SunView implements Change Management, Service Desk and IT Service Management solutions for enterprise organizations in all vertical industries. Now, SunView’s Service Smart Technology is helping create intelligence-driven IT departments, powered by advanced machine learning and automation – bringing together the best of human and machine to launch a new era of intelligent IT Service Management.

SunView Software is a privately held company based in Tampa, Florida.

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*HDI, Technology for Empowering End Users, Jenny Rains, Senior Research Analyst, August 2015