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Beyond IT - SunView Software Unveils Service Request Management to Automate Business Operations

New Module Enables Business Analysts to Easily Automate Service Request Fulfillment to Improve Efficiencies

TAMPA, FLA – December 4, 2012 — SunView Software Inc., one of the fastest-growing providers of IT service management (ITSM) software, today announced the Service Request Management process module for SunView ChangeGear 5.0 in response to customer demand.

Based on a recent customer survey, as well as webinar and direct inquiries, SunView reports that more than 50% of its customers are interested in using SunView’s “ITIL-as-a-Service” solution to automate business processes beyond IT and across the enterprise.

Service Request Management includes pre-built workflows and forms that enable enterprises to address everyday business service requests such as building access, equipment purchasing, new hire processes, and more. By implementing Service Request Management, organizations gain the advantages of having defined processes, built-in business automations, and complete visibility into request fulfillment. The Service Request Management module can be easily tailored for specific delivery groups within line of business organizations such as HR, Facilities, Finance, Sales, and others. Each delivery group can now improve overall service levels and consistency in the way they fulfill requests for service.

Based on the Microsoft .NET framework, the SunView Service Request Management module was designed to be simple so that business analysts can manage and control request fulfillment processes without the need for application development or significant technical experience. Sample use cases include:

Human Resources 
- Enables Human Resources to fulfill requests related to employees such as new hire processing, employee status change requests, PTO requests, time sheet approvals, and more.

- Enables Facilities to fulfill maintenance requests such as light bulb replacement, access requests, office move approvals, and more.

Finance & Operations 
- Enables Finance and Operations to fulfill request such as purchase orders, capital requests, vendor contract approvals, travel requests, and more.

Sales & Marketing
- Enables Sales & Marketing to fulfill requests such as price discount approvals, new quote approvals, event requests, promotional item requests and more.

Information Technology
- Enables IT to streamline fulfillment of routine requests such as password resets, pre-approved changes, system access, and more.

“ITIL-based service desk solutions have proven to significantly reduce the cost of handling IT related requests. Now other organizations across the enterprise can take advantage of the same technology to increase efficiency and improve visibility into service request fulfillment, allowing them to easily create valued-added services for the business,” said Seng Sun, CEO at SunView Software. “A typical business process that relies on email, paper and spreadsheets today can now be automated, streamlining the fulfillment process and improving overall visibility across the business.”

Founded in 2003, SunView Software continues to see strong demand for its products, achieving 40% year-over-year growth in revenue in Q3 2012.

For more information about Service Request Management pricing or to request a demo, please contact SunView Software at +1-813-632-3600.

About SunView Software
Founded in 2003, SunView Software is a leading provider of IT service management software that enables companies to better track, manage, and control IT services across the enterprise. SunView ChangeGear 5.0 features built-in ITIL service workflows enabling organizations to leverage IT industry best practices regardless of ITIL expertise. This “ITIL-as-a-Service” approach emphasizes flexible and rapid deployment options allowing companies to deliver cost-effective IT services, gain greater visibility into their IT infrastructure, increase security, eliminate system downtime, and ensure regulatory compliance.

SunView Software is a privately held company based in Tampa, Florida. Visit to test drive ChangeGear or view a product demo.