ChangeGear 8.2 – SunView Software’s Newest Release to the ChangeGear ITSM Platform

Building upon the revolutionary ChangeGear 8 Platform, the team at SunView Software has made their dynamic IT Service Management system even more capable. While ChangeGear already provides a solution with out-of-the-box functionality that includes AI/Machine Learning, ITIL best practices, and no code configurability—that isn’t enough for us! We surveyed our customers to ask what they needed and then delivered upon those requests with enhancements and features driven by customer needs.

What’s New in 8.2!

  • Maximizing Team Collaboration – We responded with improved integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack, multilingual Self-Service Portals, and a universal Change calendar (.ics exports).
  • Advanced AI Trending Analysis – SunView Willow AITM now monitors incoming incident reports, looking for trends and grouping similar incidents together to alert your staff of problems as they are happening.
  • Enterprise IT Asset Management (ITAM) – Do away with your spreadsheets and adopt a truly enterprise class IT Asset Management system with integrated network discovery that synchronizes with your Configuration Management Database (CMDB).
  • Image Analytics – Smart Image takes screenshots of error messages and turns them into searchable text, transforming attachments into actionable information that Machine Learning can use to search for resolutions.
  • Enhanced Change Management – Make Change Management more strategic with recurring maintenance windows, blackout periods, and SLA-specific Change events.

Mike Hechler, SVP at SunView, explains that “Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do at SunView. ChangeGear 8.2 is one more example of how we partner with our customers to give them a voice in our development process.” You too can be part of the future of Service Management by putting ChangeGear 8.2 to work for you. Make your team more effective with the only service management platform on the market powered by its own Artificial Intelligence.

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About SunView Software:

SunView Software, Inc. is a Service Management software company that provides the foundation for digital automation processes in the enterprise. By providing an amazing user experience combined with innovative AI/Machine Learning technologies, SunView is helping organizations to drive employee engagement, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction.

SunView Software, Inc. is a privately held company based in Tampa, Florida.


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