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Big Data and Machine Learning Technology to Power New Generation of IT Service Management Software

SunView customers will be able to use new artificial intelligency technology to make better decisions

Tampa, Fla. - May 04, 2016 - SunView Software customers will soon be able to use new artificial intelligence technology to make better decisions and automate routine tasks. This comes as the IT service management software provider announced today its new Big Data and Machine Learning technology.

Using new intelligent features, SunView’s solutions will offer real-time predictive analytics and automation to provide an engaging, people-centric environment for IT staff. This further promotes proactive service delivery across the enterprise.

The solution arrives as modern IT organizations need more intelligent applications to assist IT staff with handling routine tasks, answering questions, and predicting future needs. According to Gartner, “By 2019, IT service desks utilizing machine learning enhanced technologies will free up to 30% of support capacity.”* However, many organizations lack the skills and knowledge needed to successfully introduce these technologies into their existing environments.

SunView’s patent-pending technology helps organizations overcome these challenges. By using the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, SunView has simplified the use of self-learning systems to integrate intelligent features into enterprise applications. These features add a layer of intelligent automation to help with complex decision-making. Ultimately, this drives staff productivity while empowering end users with smarter self-service.

 “Advancements in artificial intelligence are ushering in a new era of enterprise computing. Soon, intelligent features will augment most applications to provide teams with contextual knowledge and relevant insights,” said Seng Sun, CEO of SunView Software. “Today’s digital workplace demands more intelligent means for interacting with enormous amounts of data and applications to make decisions and complete tasks with higher proficiency. By combining our ITSM expertise with the latest data science and AI technologies, our solutions will simplify the adoption of intelligence-assisted processes to power a new generation of IT for our customers.”  


  • Recommendation engines that provide real-time solution suggestions
  • Bot automations that can respond to service requests and handle routine tasks
  • Intelligent search that drives more efficient self-service engagement
  • Predictive analytics that anticipates needs, calculates risk and measures sentiment

SunView’s big data and machine learning technology will be available for customers in the next major release of their ITSM platform later this year.

About SunView Software, Inc.: Founded in 2003, SunView Software is a leading provider of IT Service Management software that enables companies to better deliver, service, and monitor IT services across the enterprise. SunView implements Change Management, Service Desk and IT Service Management solutions for enterprise organizations in all vertical industries. Its proven approach emphasizes flexible and rapid deployment options allowing companies to deliver cost-effective IT services, gain greater visibility into their IT infrastructure, increase security, eliminate system downtime, and ensure regulatory compliance. SunView’s solutions enable organizations to realize quick wins, and gain fast ROI.

SunView Software is a privately held company based in Tampa, Florida.

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*Gartner, Apply Machine Learning and Big Data at the IT Service Desk to Support the Digital Workplace, Colin Fletcher, Katherine Lord, 29 February 2016