5 Ways Machine Learning Will Revolutionize End User Engagement with IT

Seng Sun, CEO of SunView Software, wrote an article, 5 Ways Machine Learning Will Revolutionize End User Engagement with IT, that was recently featured on the popular IT news, resource, and event site IT Briefcase.

In that article, Seng outlines why machine learning will play such a pivotal role in the future of ITSM and provides 5 distinct ways that machine learning will revolutionize the ITSM landscape and increase overall engagement between IT staff and the end user.

The following is an excerpt from the article:

With the emergence of the digital enterprise, organizations are looking for smarter ways to transform their ITSM operations. This is in an effort to support a proactive, people-centered approach that their end-users have come to expect from consumer technologies while also empowering and maximizing employee effectiveness.

These new realities of the digital enterprise mean that people, processes, and technologies in the organization must be aligned around agile approaches that can better manage, deliver, and support solutions for a new generation of knowledge workers that are both tech savvy and demand a consumer-like user experience.

In the past, these methodologies often proved difficult to implement, however, thanks to new innovations in AI technologies, organizations can now package the complexity of ITSM intelligence. The barrier has never been lower for organizations to harness the power of machine learning and big data to better realize the dream of delivering truly proactive, end-user centric service. Intelligent augmented systems and smart-enabled technologies are the keys to unlocking the full potential of next generation service management.

Below are 5 ways that machine learning will usher in this new era of ITSM...


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