Easy and Affordable Monitoring for Business

LivePulse offers out-of-the-box system and application monitoring essentials in the cloud.

  • Prebuilt automations & turnkey metrics
  • Customizable alerts & notifications
  • Data visualization & analysis

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LivePulse is a cloud-based monitoring and automation platform that helps companies gain more visibility over their operations infrastructure so they can take immediate action. Monitor your disparate systems and applications from end-to-end and automate responses based on system changes, performance metrics, and more - all from one simple, unified dashboard.


How It Works


Monitor Many Sources

Choose from a variety of sources to monitor across your IT Operations Infrastructure and stay aware of all activities pertinent to your team.


Get Insights

Stay notified of critical system events, changes, to quickly identify the root cause of problems before they escalate.


Automate Action

Put insights into action with automation rules and triggers that execute the moment you need them to.

LivePulse for Many Roles

LivePulse provides the monitoring essentials needed to bring value to many roles in the enterprise.

IT Change Manager

Track, audit and keep up with changes as they happen to avoid costly system downtime.

System Administrator

Keep tabs on the availability and performance of your network infrastructure in real-time.

Security Analyst

Detect potential security threats and unauthorized changes.

Service Desk Staff

Take proactive measures to prevent service outages and speed up restoration.

DevOps Manager

Centralize the management and monitoring of services within the DevOps toolchain.

Let LivePulse Work For You

Get the tools you need to keep up with the demands of today’s disparate IT operations environment.


Monitor Key Systems and Services

LivePulse provides end-to-end visibility over your entire IT and operational infrastructure.

  • Monitor performance and availability of servers, websites, and web applications
  • Watch over social media and other sources like Twitter and RSS Feeds for reputation management
  • Track IOT devices to manage and maintain their availability, functionality, and performance

See Everything From a Single Dashboard

LivePulse offers a unified dashboard experience for in-the-moment insights and analysis in critical operational activities.

  • Quickly set, arrange, and tag hundreds of key system and application sources for both individual and team views
  • Analyze log files, change audits, system events, and more from a centralized dashboard
  • Get access to reporting data and pinpoint the timeline of an event or occurrence in your environment

Get Informed to Take Action

LivePulse promotes complete visibility, awareness, and insight for everyone on the team.

  • Get real-time notifications of events
  • Extract insights from system and application data to perform root cause analysis
  • Have the awareness to make in-the-moment decisions to solve issues before they escalate
Alerts and Notifications

Save Time with Automation

LivePulse turns insights into action with sense-and-respond automation that trigger in real-time to resolve issues and maintain system availability.

  • Trigger automated system events and script actions based on data checks and thresholds set by the administrator
  • Save time by automating routine actions like creating tickets, logging changes, rebooting systems, and more
  • Use the RESTful API to easily integrate with other tools and applications to build powerful automated processes across your operational environment

Extend With Integrations

LivePulse uses a RESTful API and Webhooks to connect to the applications you need to build a powerful automated process.


Use Case

Avoid outages by automating incident ticket creation when early warning signs occur such as high data usage on an application server.


Use Case

Minimize configuration drift by detecting and analyzing asset configuration changes and automating updates made to the CMDB.


Use Case

Identify potential latency bottlenecks across key DevOps toolchain applications.

Change Management

Use Case

Detect and track IT changes and automatically create change request tickets.


Use Case

Automate system and application related alerts and notifications to team members in chat applications.