Customer Testimonials

"We needed a more robust ticketing process and ChangeGear delivered exactly what we required. We simply couldn’t get this same functionality from the other tool we’d been using."

“ChangeGear enabled us to eliminate 90% of our IT forms across departments. By utilizing their ChangeGear Integration Service, we’re now able to provide a one-stop-shop for employees, where they can find the form they need on our centralized intranet, without having to be constantly searching for the right one.”
Brian Koenig
Internal Tech Support Manager

“ChangeGear is the go-to-system for our 300+ employees to make a change, report an incident, purchase something or hire someone.”

“ChangeGear is user-friendly and flexible. You can do a lot of things out of the box. There’s not much not to like.”
Sayeed Patel
Change Manager

“At DCCCD, we are particularly challenged with multiple and disparate IT environments all acting autonomously and Change Management is a mission-critical process to help integrate our IT.”

“One of the keys to choosing ChangeGear, was that in just a few days, ChangeGear was up and running. With this cost-efficient ITIL-based process solution, we can now track production and system changes while bringing Incident, Problem and Change Management together in an easily customizable, integrated solution.”

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Emilio Ramos
District Director of Educational Technology
Dallas County Community College District

“United Community Bank selected SunView Software’s ChangeGear because it had all the enterprise features we needed, including a wide range of customization options, without the cost and complexity of other systems we evaluated.”
Greg Abernathy
Technology Architect
United Community Bank

“ChangeGear 5.0 is providing mid-sized companies a cost-efficient, easy-to-use solution for adopting ITIL best practices. SunView’s cloud offering makes it easy to get your ITIL initiative started, focusing on strategic processes that get you a quick ROI. ChangeGear enabled StarTek to automate critical processes across the enterprise.”
Dan Carbonnel
Director of Information Technology

"ChangeGear is really going to help us by tightening up our communication and giving us higher levels of customer service."

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RJ Burgess
GoIWx, Inc.

“ChangeGear allowed us to rapidly improve the maturity of our change management processes by providing an out of the box, easy to use solution, built with sound underlying change management methodology. Within a short period of time, our organization was able to integrate Incident Management, Problem Management and Change Management processes from the ChangeGear suite.”
Wlodek Kulawiak
American AgCredit

"We’ve seen a big improvement in our communications throughout the IT organization since implementing ChangeGear Change Management. It has also allowed us to be more proactive in recognizing potential problems and/or conflicts - which in turn, leads to higher IT service levels."
Mark Sandner
Production Support Coordinator
BC Lottery Corporation

“We needed a tool with automated workflow to help us manage our change efforts. And ChangeGear’s built-in workflow has made a big difference for us - especially having our approval cycles automated. ChangeGear has allowed us to take our Change Management process to another level.”
Cathi Kuntz
IT Asset & Change Manager
Graphic Packaging International

“Our ChangeGear deployment was remarkably easy and highly successful, and the support team at SunView provides outstanding support. ChangeGear has very effectively met and resolved our change management issues and challenges.”

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Ron Cascioli
Manager, Enterprise Systems
PSCU Financial Services

“It’s clear that the ChangeGear product was well-planned and developed. From the day we installed the product, it ran perfectly on our existing infrastructure with no additional hardware or software investment required, and it worked well with our other applications. It’s just a great product.”

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Chris Kopchik
Systems Engineering Manager
Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice

“Our successful implementation of a formal Change Management Program here at St. Luke’s is based in the simplicity of ChangeGear’s user interface and overall administration process. I had many non-believers when first we embarked on this course. Since ChangeGear’s implementation, I have far more believers now in the importance of having this process in place. The communications to our end users on change impact and the overall management of change has been considerable.”
Jeff Stone
IT Director
St. Luke's Hospital And Health Network

“Sunview was very happy to customize our package with our special requirements and the process was efficient and the outcome extremely functional and meeting our regulatory needs exactly.”
Neil Matthews
Associate Director, Technology & Business Continuity,
CIBC Offshore Banking Services Corporation

“We chose Change Gear Change Management at first to help us get better organized with the growth and changes of our server farm. We‘re a web hosting company and we implement a lot of server changes and hardware add-ons. Change Gear Change Management has helped us to control changes and has allowed us to go back and see what has changed from shift to shift. This has also helped out with our SAS70 audit.”
Donnie Cunningham
Senior Network Engineer
MaximumASP, LLC

“ChangeGear provides us a simple way to report on all changes implemented on network devices within certain time periods, easily satisfying the requests of compliance auditors.”
Kevin DeVries
Director of IS
Mercantile Bank of Michigan

“ChangeGear’s Reporting service gives us the metrics we need to pinpoint what areas to improve on as a department, in order to increase efficiency and save money. Another way we increase efficiency is by utilizing the ChangeGear Self Service Portal – our teammates are able to find valuable information from the Knowledge Base or open a service ticket by themselves when the helpdesk is closed.”
Joshua Hopkins
Systems Administrator
Speedco Inc.

“Our use of Change Gear has greatly improved our communication not only within IT but to the user community. We have structured a CAB (Change Approval Board) around it and using Change Gear reports we identify potential risks to the user community and are able warn them in advance. In this sense, it's not only proactive for all concerned, but the users see a big change in how IT supports them and how as a group we are concerned about affecting their productivity. They see that as a big plus! We also have a more structured environment where standards are employed by using the software, which help to alleviate some SOX compliance without using paper copies, thereby having an environmental effect also!”
Carol Corman
Information Technology