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Today's Top Five Headlines in Tech

While many are still recovering from the news that one of Silicon Valley's biggest icons and visionaries has died, the Tech Industry continues to move at the speed of light. From plans for Universal Broadband, to Social Media being awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, we cover the Top Five Headlines in Tech.

Dozens of video-capable smartphones - most of them Steve Jobs' own creations - peered out over the sea of technology journalists like digital periscopes.

Some 18 million Americans do not have access to broadband where they live and work despite some $4.5 billion in public money spent each year to subsidize telephone service for rural families.

Today, at Oracle’s OpenWorld Conference in San Francisco, an animated Larry Ellison took to the stage to unveil an assortment of cloud computing services, which will run the company’s long-time-in-coming (six years, in fact), Fusion Applications — most notably the “Oracle Public Cloud”.

Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet continues to sell at a brisk pace, though it remains to be seen whether the gadget will match the torrid pace that Apple's iPad set.

This year's Nobel Peace Prize, due to be announced early Friday in Norway, seems certain to have a social-media spin. The only question is, which Twitterers or Facebookers will be listed on the Nobel committee's citation?

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