Will AI Take Service Desk Jobs?

04/11/2018 by: The SunView Team

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Artificial intelligence has dominated headlines. The news falls into one of two categories: “AI is going to steal our jobs” or “AI is going to make the world a better place.” Many employees are concerned about being replaced by computers, especially those who work at help desks. 

With AI being integrated into service desk management software, help desk staff worry that their jobs are superfluous. However, that isn’t the case. AI-enabled service desk management solutions actually make help desk employees more efficient and effective at their jobs - read on to learn more.


AI: An Evolution in Service Desk Management 

To accurately answer the question of whether AI will steal service desk jobs, let’s take a look at some recent history to give us a better perspective. 

When self-service IT portals came onto the market, there wasn’t much in the way of hand-wringing on the part of help desk employees. In fact, IT service desk staffers like self-service IT portals. These solutions make their jobs easier. 

Self-service IT portals allow help desk staff to focus on more important work, rather than become bogged down in non-mission-critical tasks such as password resets. So, why is there this fear that IT service desk jobs are at risk? The Service Desk Institute believes that the worry is being generated by the media, and that acceptance of AI among help desk employees is actually fairly decent.

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How Does AI Make Service Desk Management Easier?

AI improves self-service IT portals. Imagine your current self-service portal experience: you navigate to a website and search for an answer to your question. If you can’t find it, you might call the help desk or open a ticket. 

Here’s what that experience looks like with AI. You navigate to the same portal and search for an answer to your question, only this time, the portal has learned about past problems similar to yours, so it’s able to give you a better solution. Maybe a chatbot comes up to ask you about your problem. Like the knowledge base, the chatbot can look at previous issues comparable to yours and suggest an answer. 

The scenario outlined above doesn’t involve any humans (unless the chatbot or knowledgebase can’t find an answer; in that case, the AI solution will notify a help desk employee). Users get the help they need, while the IT department can focus on important tasks such as monitoring network health. This approach also costs the help desk less money, because employees use their resources in the most efficient manner possible.

Service desk employees don’t have to fear AI. In fact, they’ll be celebrating how much easier and efficient it makes their jobs. AI-enabled service desk management represents the next generation in help desk automation, one that will make service desks more efficient and effective. To learn more about AI-enabled service desk management, read the ebook 7 Reasons Why AI Will Change Everything on Your Service Desk.

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