Why Your "Smart" ITSM Solution Must Contain an ESM Module

09/27/2018 by: The SunView Team


What comes to mind when you think about “smart” ITSM solutions? Is it software that notifies you when there’s a problem with your network that would interrupt your users’ workflow? Or is it a solution that provides you with the right data at the right time to provide better service? 

At SunView Software, we believe that a “smart” ITSM solution must contain an ESM module. An ESM module allows you to better meet the needs of users so they can work more efficiently and effectively. Read on to learn how ESM improves workflows and why it’s a must-have for a “smart” ITSM solution. 

What Is ESM?

Before we get into why Enterprise Service Management (ESM) has to be part of any “smart” ITSM solution, let’s explain what it is and why the idea of managing the way enterprise services are delivered is so important.

When you think of departments in the enterprise that provide services, you might think of the IT department first. However, it’s not the only team in an organization that provides services to end-users – the human resources department and facilities management unit are two examples. The issue has long been that these other teams haven’t had a framework to deliver their services. In recent years, non-IT departments have begun to deliver their services through a framework (ESM).

Why Should ESM Be Considered as an Integral Part of a "Smart" ITSM Solution?

Understanding the definition of a “smart” ITSM solution is a critical part of the discussion. A “smart” ITSM solution is one that offers intelligent automation that makes users’ lives easier rather than more complicated. It also provides self-service for end-users, so they are less reliant on the IT department. 

Now, let’s focus on why an ESM module and ESM processes should be an integral part of a “smart” ITSM solution. ITSM solutions are designed to deliver IT services to end-users in a way that’s simple and easy. ESM modules serve the same purpose for non-IT requests. 

“At the November 2017 Fusion Conference, half of the audience indicated they were somewhere in the process of adopting ESM

Think of the efficiency gains that your company would experience if employees could request IT services and enterprise services such as room bookings in the same place. How much time would it save if accessing enterprise services was as convenient as entering the ITSM solution you already use and requesting the services you needed? You wouldn’t need to call, email, or visit the department you needed – a few keystrokes would tell you if the desired service was available or not. 

Enterprise Service Management, the Next Generation of ITSM.

Compare that scenario to what many employees face today – having to either literally or figuratively run across the entire organization to request services (which doesn’t even mean that they’ll get what they want). It wastes their time and prevents them from getting the work done that they need to complete. Being able to request the services they need in one place saves time, effort, and money.

“A Forrester researcher noted that 50% of work handled by organizations’ ITSM solutions is non-IT based”

What makes a “smart” ITSM solution “smart” is in part its automation and self-service capabilities. But, don’t dismiss the importance of ESM, as it enables employees to accomplish more efficiently. To learn more, download From ITSM to ESM: The Evolution of the Digital Enterprise.

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