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Why Satisfied Employees Play a Role in the Customer Experience

12/19/2019 by: Jaime Spector

Group of colleagues working at desks.

Your employees have a significant role to play in delivering positive customer experience. They’re on the front lines with the customers. If they can’t deliver good customer service, your customers won’t come back. Yet, if your employees aren’t happy at work, they can’t offer great customer service.

One of the things that improve employee satisfaction is reducing frustration at work. Intelligent ITSM tools can go a long way toward making employees less frustrated, so they can offer a better customer experience. 

 What Is Intelligent ITSM?

Intelligent ITSM refers to ITSM tools that are embedded with AI. AI itself means that a computer can learn on its own, without being programmed to do so. The computer can actually come to its own conclusions about what steps to take in a situation.

Why is intelligent ITSM software a game-changer? The combination of AI and ITSM makes ITSM more efficient; it automates many processes, including help desk tickets. 

How Does Intelligent ITSM Software Work?

We’ll illustrate how intelligent ITSM tools work with an example. Let’s say that Cara needs to book a room for a meeting with clients. Her company has recently implemented intelligent ITSM software, which has transformed the room-booking process.

Cara opens the self-service portal. She types in the time and date of the meeting. The self-service portal displays a list of rooms available at that date and time. Luckily for Cara, she’s able to book the room she wants and the equipment she needs for her presentation. 

“Companies that are customer experience-driven have an annual average growth rate of 15% vs. 11% for those that aren’t customer experience-driven.”

The experience of booking a room was simple and easy. Cara didn’t waste time going to the facilities management department, as she had to do previously. Because the process was so quick, she’s able to get back to work faster; she can devote her time to perfecting the presentation for customers, rather than scrambling to book the right room.

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Intelligent ITSM Tools: Boosting Employee Satisfaction for a Better Customer Experience

Technology can be frustrating. When employees have to use frustrating technology on a daily basis, it wears them down. Their morale sinks, as does their satisfaction with their job. 

Intelligent ITSM software reduces those frustrations. Employees no longer need to wait to get the help they need. Self-service capabilities allow them to get back to work faster, which not only boosts their morale but allows them to better serve customers. 

“According to Forrester, customer experience-driven businesses grew revenue 1.4 times faster in 2018.”

Moreover, in some cases, employees are the customer. Internal help desks and service desks are a great example – their audience is employees. When employees have a bad experience with the help desk or service desk, that’s a poor customer experience, and that reduces their job satisfaction. 

Your employees are a crucial component of whether customers have a good experience or not. Reducing their frustration with intelligent ITSM tools can ultimately improve customers’ experience.

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