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Why ITSM Matters to Healthcare

06/05/2019 by: Jaime Spector


It’s an inescapable fact: the healthcare industry needs ITSM tools. There are IT systems that need management as well as users who need permissions (and support). 

In a highly regulated field such as healthcare, ITSM software plays a significant role. It enables you to onboard and provide employees with the permissions they need to access the systems and applications critical for their jobs. When they leave, ITSM tools make the crucial process of offboarding fast and straightforward. 

ITSM Tools and the Onboarding Process: Making It Faster and Easier

Part of the onboarding process involves the employee filling out paperwork and then receiving log-in information from the IT department so he or she can start doing his or her job. However, at many organizations, processing that paperwork and submitting requests to IT for account provisioning is a manual, drawn-out process.

In a healthcare setting, employees can’t wait days for their paperwork to be processed. Not only will they not be productive, but they also need to access IT systems to input patient information. Any delay could actually cost someone their life. 

Eighty six percent of errors made in healthcare are administrative”

This is where ITSM tools come in – they automate the onboarding and provisioning process. Instead of submitting reams of paperwork for processing, the HR department uses a self-service portal to request permissions for new hires. That method saves time and money, and allows employees to get to work faster. 


The Offboarding Process: ITSM Software Makes It Easier

Take a second and think about what happens when an employee leaves your organization. How quickly does the IT department revoke that employee’s access to IT systems and applications? Will the employee be able to log into his or her accounts remotely after leaving and potentially steal confidential information? 

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In a field such as healthcare, in which patient data is supposed to be highly protected, improper offboarding procedures pose a huge risk. Not only could you face huge fines (the minimum penalty for HIPAA noncompliance is $100 per record), but employees at your organization could go to jail, and your company’s reputation would be ruined. 

Seventy percent of intellectual property theft takes place a month before an employee announces his or her resignation”

Healthcare organizations can make the offboarding process easier by automating revocation of an employee’s permissions. Instead of submitting a form to the IT department and waiting for days (or longer) for someone to get around to dealing with it, an HR staff member can log into a self-service portal to request that a specific employee’s permissions be revoked. The system can be configured to follow business rules so that that revocation could take place instantaneously. 

In a healthcare setting, it’s not just the systems and applications that need management – it’s the users, too. If you can’t onboard them, provide them permissions in a timely fashion, and offboard them quickly and efficiently, you’re putting your organization as well as your patients at risk.

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