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Where Can ESM Save You Time and Money?

02/28/2019 by: Jaime Spector

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How efficient are your employees? In an ideal world, you’d say, “Very.” However, it’s far from an ideal world, and many roadblocks and hindrances keep them from accomplishing tasks in a timely, cost-effective fashion. 

However, there’s a way to make employees more efficient (and it will even boost their satisfaction, too). Enterprise service management solutions digitize and automate the employee request fulfillment process, making it faster than ever before. 

What Leads to Employee Inefficiency?

There are a few causes of employee inefficiency. One of them is manual processes. It takes employees so long to get things done when someone is responsible for entering data by hand into a computer system. 

Another source of inefficiency is data silos. Maybe some processes are digitized, but if the information isn’t being shared with the systems or people who need it most, what good is it? 

The Consequences of Employee Inefficiency

One obvious consequence of employee inefficiency is cost. When employees aren't productive, they aren’t making your company money. A 2015 study carried out in the UK showed that almost 50% of employees waste three hours a day or more working with inefficient systems; over the course of a year, that costs companies at least £28,000. 

There’s a less obvious consequence to inefficiency, though: lower employee morale. No one likes wasting time at work – we all want to feel productive. When we don’t feel productive, our morale suffers; a 2015 survey conducted by Planview and Loudhouse identified employee retention as one of the biggest areas that suffers from unaddressed inefficiencies. 

 How Can You Save Time and Money?

Enterprise Service Management, the Next Generation of ITSM.

Enterprise service management tools can help you reduce inefficiencies, which saves time, money, and in turn, help employees feel more satisfied. How do they do that? ESM solutions digitize and automate the request fulfillment process. 

We’ll illustrate with an example. Employee onboarding can be a long, drawn-out process as new hires wait for the IT department to give them the access they need to the systems they’ll use to get their jobs done. What if it were faster, though? 

 “According to IDC, companies lose 20 to 30% in revenues each year due to inefficiencies”

Instead of filling out forms or sending an email to the IT department, HR team members simply enter what systems the employee needs access to into the ESM solution. The ESM solution, in turn, is connected to those systems and “asks” them to provide permissions. New employees no longer need to wait days or longer to start working – ESM enables them to get to work right away. 

Everyone wants their employees to be productive, yet not everyone invests in the tools that allow them to achieve that goal. ESM solutions enable employees to achieve more at lower costs because it relies on automation and digital processes (rather than manual methods and/or data silos). As a result, companies save time and money, while boasting happier employees. To learn more about how ESM can transform your firm, From ITSM to ESM: The Evolution of the Digital Enterprise.

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