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What's the Value of Higher User Satisfaction?

07/10/2019 by: Jaime Spector

Person filling out a user satisfaction survey.

When we think about things that bring value to organizations, we tend to focus on things that save money, things that can increase productivity, things that increase sales, etc. We don’t focus on things like user experience, because it's difficult to quantify the value it brings value to an organization. 

Yet, user experience, and in turn, user satisfaction, are important to an organization. Read on to learn why user satisfaction matters and what you can do to improve it. 

What Does User Satisfaction Mean, Anyway? 

The term “user satisfaction” is derived from the idea of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is actually a metric that quantifies the degree to which a customer is satisfied with a product, service, or experience. 

When a user expresses satisfaction with a service, it means they’ve gotten what they’ve wanted from a service provider in a timely fashion. 

Why Does User Satisfaction Matter in a Workplace Setting? 

We’ll illustrate the importance of user satisfaction with a story. 

Mike is having a problem with his printer… again. He sends an email to IT, not feeling especially optimistic the issue will be resolved in a timely fashion because the help desk has a reputation for being understaffed and overworked. Mike has been frustrated pretty much since he started at the company with how long it takes to overcome roadblocks to productivity, and it’s taken a toll on his morale.

“The typical turnover cost for employees earning more that $75,000 per year is 20% of that worker’s salary”

At a certain point, Mike’s frustration will grow to the extent that he’ll either become disengaged with his work, or he’ll start to look for another job. In either situation, Mike’s future with the company isn’t long-term. It will be costly to replace him – the firm will have to spend time recruiting and training someone new. 

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How to Increase User Satisfaction 

There’s one way companies can increase user satisfaction, which can make employees happier in the long run. Adopting ITSM solutions enables the help desk to resolve incidents faster and allow the flow of business to proceed smoothly. 

We’ll use the example of Mike to illustrate. With an ITSM solution, Mike would either navigate to a self-service portal or open a chatbot window and type in his question. The knowledge base would provide an answer in moments, or it would escalate his ticket to a human help desk employee if the answer wasn’t available. 

“Only 46% of employees have ever participated in a company-led experience measurement program”

Through an ITSM solution, Mike would get the help he needs much faster. He would be able to complete his work faster, too, meaning he’d be less frustrated. And less frustrated employees have higher morale and take fewer sick days.

End-user satisfaction delivers value to a company. When employees are satisfied, they have higher levels of morale and productivity. ITSM solutions enable value delivery by solving information technology problems faster, allowing employees to get back to work sooner.

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