What Makes ITSM Smart?

06/06/2018 by: The SunView Team

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According to a recent poll by ITSM.tools designed to gauge the “future readiness” of the IT service management (ITSM) industry, roughly 82% of respondents believe that working in IT will get harder in the coming years. Even more telling, only 24% of those polled believe that current ITSM best practices are keeping up with the reality of the IT and business landscape. Perhaps worst of all, only 57% of respondents believe their IT department meets or exceeds expectations when compared to consumer-oriented companies and services.

This poll illustrates growing issues within the ITSM industry: an ever-increasing, ever-changing demand for IT services and a growing inability to keep up with that demand.

Enter Artificial Intelligence

One bright point in the poll was that only 16% of IT professionals saw artificial intelligence (AI) as a threat to their job. In other words, 84% of IT professionals did not see it as a significant threat.

Not only is AI not a threat but, in reality, it holds the key to helping the ITSM industry move forward. By utilizing AI in the ITSM model, IT staff will be able to work smarter, faster and address some of the above-mentioned issues while keeping up with future demand.


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How AI Makes ITSM Smart

There are a number of ways that AI can make ITSM smarter. The primary way it can do this is by learning from past tickets and applying machine learning to make smart suggestions. This can directly impact the ITSM cycle in several ways:

  • By analyzing past tickets and identifying patterns related to who handled the tickets, how quickly they were resolved, what the resolution was and more, AI can help identify the best person capable of handling an incoming ticket.
  • Similarly, as AI learns how support items were resolved, it can identify similar tickets and recommend courses of action along the lines of what previously worked. As the AI continues to learn, based on new tickets and feedback from IT technicians, its recommendations will continue to improve, become more accurate and streamline the process of handling new tickets.
  • Another, often overlooked, way that AI can make ITSM smarter is through picture recognition. Any pictures attached to a support ticket can be analyzed against pictures sent along with past tickets to identify patterns and find similar cases.
  • AI can also analyze voicemails and emails to help prioritize incoming tickets based on the sentiment of the end user. By using natural language recognition, the AI can analyze the words used and try to determine if the user is happy, frustrated or upset and categorize and prioritize the tickets based on those factors.

AI and ITSM: The Future

As the ITSM industry continues to grow and evolve, AI will play an increasingly important role in its evolution. By learning from IT’s support interactions, AI can save IT staff valuable time by triaging incoming support requests and improving the response time by recommending the best course of action.

By implementing AI in your ITSM, your company can future-proof its operations and equip your IT staff to provide the best possible support.

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