What Do You Need to Do to Make Your Service Desk More Efficient?

05/31/2018 by: The SunView Team

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How would people at your organization describe your service desk? Would they call it efficient and helpful? Would they say that problems are resolved in a timely manner?

At many companies, the answer to those questions is “no,” sadly. 

Service desk efficiency doesn't happen by accident. But, with a determined effort, inefficiencies can be minimized and your service desk can solve users' problems quickly and effectively. Keep reading for strategic ways to make your service desk more efficient.


Leverage the Power of AI Automation

Streamlined processes can decrease the time it takes to solve problems and fast solutions can be key to creating a positive experience for users. 

Take a second to think about the issues that plague your help desk. Typically, help desk employees are overwhelmed by tickets from users, all of which the users believe are urgent. That might not be the case, though – something like a password reset is important to an individual to get his or her work done, but wouldn’t be considered mission critical to a member of the help desk team.

But what if the service desk’s workload could be reduced? What if there was a way to solve problems through automation, and totally bypass human interactions? The sound of that might be music to employees’ ears, although it might give them pause. If automation can do that, will there still be a need for a help desk team? 

Automating service desk management with AI is not only doable but it’s highly recommended. AI has become embedded in many service desk management solutions, putting it well within your reach. Embedding AI into service desk management software increases operational efficiency as it automates many repetitive tasks that would otherwise consume your employees’ valuable time. 

The media has made much of how AI will steal jobs. Yet, they ignore that automation has been taking place for years. Enhancing service desk management solutions with AI saves time for existing IT staff by eliminating much of the manual, recurring tasks that take up so much of their time. Instead of handling issues such as password resets, IT staff can take care of mission-critical tasks such as maintaining servers.


AI-Enabled Service Desk Management Solutions: Enabling Self-Service Options 

One of the (false) arguments leveled against introducing AI into help desk settings is that people prefer to deal with humans. That’s not true – people prefer whatever is faster and more convenient. If it’s going to take two days for a human IT help desk employee to even look at their ticket, users with problems are happy to choose a faster option, even if it means dealing with a computer. 

AI-enabled service desk management solutions offer self-service options that help users solve their problems quickly. Here’s how it works: a user either navigates to the self-help portal or opens a chat with a chatbot. He or she types a description of the problem. 

The service desk management software will search for and review any cases from the past that are the same or similar. As the problem is reviewed the applicable solution(s) from past cases will also be available. AI is constantly learning, so every time a new case comes along, it makes a record of what the problem was and how the problem was resolved. When a similar case comes along, it can apply its growing knowledge to solve it. 

Time saved results in money saved. AI’s problem-solving time is considerably faster than that of a human. Service desk management software augmented by AI can take a matter of minutes to solve problems, while it could take a human hours to complete the same task. 

If the service desk software can’t find the solution in its database, it will notify a human IT employee. Otherwise, it will suggest a resolution to the user.


Get Things Done Faster with an Easy-to-Use Interface

Keeping things simple will help ensure the success of the automated and self-service options. Your AI-enabled service desk management software should be easy to use for both IT professionals and line-of-business (LoB) employees alike. Otherwise, you will see poor adoption among both groups, and the service desk will remain highly inefficient. 

So, what does an easy-to-use interface look like? Users can submit requests without having to fill out forms. The self-service portal is highly responsive – it handles problems immediately. 

For IT employees, the user interface should make searching for tickets simple. Configuring the service desk management software must be easy, too, with little or no need for coding. Moreover, employees will have access to the right modules based on their role.

Implementation should also be as simple as possible. The service desk management software needs to offer excellent out-of-the-box functionality so IT employees can get back to doing their jobs immediately.


Manage Processes across the Enterprise with AI-Enabled Service Desk Management

AI’s applications extend beyond the help desk. With AI-enabled service desk management solutions, you can manage business processes across the entire enterprise. 

Think about the way LoB departments currently handle requests: someone sends them an email or calls them, maybe even drops by in person. An email might get lost, a call gets ignored, and by the time the in-person visit takes place, it’s too late to fill the request.

Automating business processes allows LoB departments to deliver services more efficiently. AI-enabled service desk management software comes with prebuilt workflows, forms, notifications, SLA management, and reporting so LoB departments can manage, track, and fulfill requests quickly. The business as a whole benefits from increased efficiency.


Automate Change Management with AI-Enabled Service Desk Management

Change is a never-ending process, and dealing with change can be challenging. How do you effectively manage change in a business? How do you personalize the process for each department?

Change management is a process with many moving parts – it involves planning, communication, regulatory compliance, documentation, and evaluation. At many organizations, change management is a highly manual procedure (if it takes place at all). 

Automating change management brings all of those moving parts under control. Change management software (which can be part of your service desk management solution) allows you to schedule events in a public calendar, notify all employees of changes, hold virtual change approval board meetings, and view the effects of the change with visualizations and dashboards. With AI-enabled service desk management, you have control of this network of complex systems, from one process to another. 

Think about what you want people to say about your help desk. From IT professionals to LoB employees and others, you want them to use words such as “efficient” and “helpful.” AI-enabled service desk management software automates your help desk so it can deliver greater value across the organization. To learn more, read the ebook 7 Reasons Why AI Will Change Everything on Your Service Desk.

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