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ChangeGear is an industry-leading ITSM platform that helps organizations to better track, manage, and deliver critical services.
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LivePulse offers out-of-the-box system and application monitoring essentials in the cloud.

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SunView Software Blog

3 Problems an Intelligent ITSM Solution Can Solve for Your Company

09/18/2019 by: Jaime Spector

Regardless of your industry, there are certain problems that every company faces, especially in a digital world. Today, you must embrace digital transformation, or risk falling behind. Additionally, you have to streamline inefficient workflows – not just because it’s costing your company time and money, but because your employees are getting frustrated. Read More

| ITSM / AI for ITSM

Help Desk vs. Service Desk: Do the Differences Matter?

08/29/2019 by: Jaime Spector

Here’s a question that we come across all the time: is there actually a difference between a service desk and a help desk? Many people use the terms interchangeably, which adds to the confusion. Does it really matter, though?  Read More


Address Security and Compliance Challenges in the Financial Industry

08/14/2019 by: Jaime Spector

The finance industry has long been beset by twin worries: security and compliance. These challenges are expensive to mitigate. A security breach can cause thousands (if not millions) of dollars in damage, while penalties for noncompliance are not only hefty, but severely damage a firm’s reputation.  Read More


What Problems Can ITSM Solve for the Energy Sector?

08/08/2019 by: Jaime Spector

Every industry faces specific challenges. For the energy industry, those challenges are inefficiencies in time management, poor change management practices, and avoiding regulatory penalties. Read More


What ITSM-Related Issues Does the Healthcare Industry Face?

08/01/2019 by: Jaime Spector

In the healthcare industry, people’s very lives depend on how quickly and effectively healthcare services can be delivered. There isn’t time or much room for error. And no one can afford for IT systems to experience issues.  Read More


The Top 3 Features to Look for in Service Desk and Help Desk Software

07/24/2019 by: Jaime Spector

ITSM software is an investment, and you want to spend your dollars wisely. There are ITSM tools with very useful features – how do you decide what you really need?  Read More


What's the Value of Higher User Satisfaction?

07/10/2019 by: Jaime Spector

When we think about things that bring value to organizations, we tend to focus on things that save money, things that can increase productivity, things that increase sales, etc. We don’t focus on things like user experience, because it's difficult to quantify the value it brings value to an organization.  Yet, user experience, and in turn, user satisfaction, are important to an organization. Read ... Read More


Want to Reduce the Cost of Incident Resolution? The Answer Is ITSM

07/03/2019 by: Jaime Spector

When you’re considering investing in new software, you have to demonstrate how it provides value to both your department and the organization. In some cases, that’s a difficult task to accomplish. However, when it comes to ITSM solutions, explaining how ITSM software delivers value is easy.  Read More


ITSM Tools and Healthcare: What Role Do They Play?

06/26/2019 by: Jaime Spector

At the end of 2018, the Department of Health and Human Services released a report detailing the five most significant cyber threats to the American healthcare industry and provided strategies on how to mitigate them. The report was a direct result of 2015’s Cybersecurity Act, which established a mechanism for sharing cybersecurity information between the federal government and private entities. ... Read More


ITSM Tools in Healthcare: How Can They Help?

06/19/2019 by: Jaime Spector

The way healthcare practitioners treat patients has changed from even a decade ago. There are far more technological resources at hand to aid treatments. As such, those technologies must be managed.  Read More

| ITSM / Healthcare