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IT Service Management

ChangeGear is an industry-leading ITSM platform that helps organizations to better track, manage, and deliver critical services.
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IT Operations Management

LivePulse offers out-of-the-box system and application monitoring essentials in the cloud.              
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SunView Software Blog

Defining the Next Generation of ITSM

09/21/2020 by: The SunView Team

Since its infancy, the IT Service Management (ITSM) industry has had to be one of constant adaptation and support. As organizations across all industries turn to technology for their day-to-day operations, ITSM systems have had to match their growth and drive towards more efficient time, resource, and staff management. However, not all ITSM systems are created equal. Those that provide the most ... Read More

| IT Service Management

How IT Can Effectively Manage the Remote Workforce: 5 Best Practices You Can Follow

06/12/2020 by: The SunView Team

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| IT Service Management

Why ITSM is Critical During COVID-19 For Remote Working

04/16/2020 by: The SunView Team

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| IT Service Management

ITSM Software's Popularity Is Fueled by Its Boost in Employee Satisfaction

01/29/2020 by: The SunView Team

ITSM tools will only grow in popularity in the coming years. There are a few reasons for that surge. One of the reasons is that they can actually improve employee satisfaction. Read More

| IT Service Management

The ITSM Software Market Is Booming, Thanks to AI

01/23/2020 by: The SunView Team

In the coming years, the ITSM software market will be worth billions of dollars. What’s fueling that enormous growth? One of the factors involved is AI. The blend of AI and ITSM software leads to speed, continuous improvement, and greater efficiency. Read on to learn more. Read More

| IT Service Management / Artificial Intelligence