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ChangeGear is an industry-leading ITSM platform that helps organizations to better track, manage, and deliver critical services.
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LivePulse offers out-of-the-box system and application monitoring essentials in the cloud.              
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SunView Software Blog

Why Change Management is Critical in Light of GDPR

05/16/2018 by: The SunView Team

By the end of this month, four letters will change your business forever: GDPR. GDPR stands for “General Data Protection Regulation,” and it’s a piece of legislation in the EU designed to protect consumer information. It will go into effect on May 25, 2018, and it will have an impact far beyond the EU’s borders.  Read More

| Change Management

How Do Change Management Tools Make the Process Faster?

03/29/2018 by: The SunView Team

Change is good… unless it takes too long. The problem with change management processes is that they can be long and drawn out. By the time the change is approved, it might be too late for the company to be competitive.  Read More

| Change Management

Managing Risk Compliance Throughout the Change Management Process

03/22/2018 by: The SunView Team

Raise your hand if this situation sounds familiar: you need to make changes within your organization, and these changes are crucial and quite urgent. At the same time, there are regulations that might get in the way of these changes. How do you navigate regulatory compliance while implementing vital changes at your company? Read More

| Change Management

Is It Necessary to Personalize Change Management Methods Per Department?

03/14/2018 by: The SunView Team

Change management strategies are not one-size-fits-all. What works for one department of your business isn’t going to work for another team. Change management tools need to be customized for units within your business. Read More

| DevOps / IT Service Management / Change Management

Four Ways to Improve IT Change Management Best Practices

03/07/2018 by: The SunView Team

John F. Kennedy once said, “Change is the law of life. And those who look to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.” By now, you would think that humans would understand that change is constant. However, when it comes to managing change within the enterprise, challenges abound.  Read More

| Change Management