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3 Key Considerations to Make When Evaluating AI for ITSM

12/21/2017 by: Jaime Spector

  Since even before the internet revolutionized computing and communication, the prospect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) captured the imaginations of those who looked toward the future. While AI may still in many ways seem relegated to far-flung sci-fi fantasy, these days you can’t start up an app or internet-enabled device without interacting with some form of computer intelligence. Read More

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How AI is Leveling the Playing Field for SMBs

08/23/2017 by: Jaime Spector

It’s the battle of the machines! And while the concept of AI may conjure up bombastic visions of terminators, replicants and space odysseys; in the modern business world, Artificial Intelligence has become a regular part of our everyday lexicon. Now, topics like implementing smart automation, machine learning, facilitating support via chatbots, gaining insights with predictive analytics, etc., ... Read More

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Thought Leader Spotlight Series: Roy Atkinson

08/14/2017 by: Jenny Hernandez

This entry is written as part of the "Thought Leader Spotlight" blog series, which aims to highlight some of the most influential and well-respected minds in the IT industry. When I first found Mr. Atkinson on Twitter, I was very intrigued with his knowledge of IT Service Management and his passion for customer service through his #HDIChat series. It finally dawned on me - why don't I write a ... Read More

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The Future State of AI in the Enterprise

08/03/2017 by: Jenny Hernandez

  The adoption and integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into enterprise process management is becoming the norm according to the 2017 The State of AI in the Enterprise  survey. The respondents from over 100 North American IT leaders found that using AI in the enterprise is no longer something of the future, but is being fully utilized in today’s workplace. Over two-thirds of survey ... Read More

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