Top Tips to Simplify Facilities Management

04/24/2019 by: The SunView Team

The stated goal of facilities management is to make the management of facilities more efficient and effective. Yet, due to manual processes, facilities management can actually be anything but.

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However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Read on to learn three tips that will simplify facilities management, making it efficient and effective for your company. 


Tip 1: Get Rid of Data Silos

Silos are very useful on farms – they keep grains dry and safe from harm. However, when silos exist in the corporate world, they’re not only unhelpful but downright problematic. And when data silos arise in the facilities management department, they harm the team’s efficiency. 

The facilities management department gathers data about a number of things: when someone books a room, the room location, what services the party will need, etc. Due to manual processes or information systems that aren’t integrated with anything else, no one else outside of the department knows when a room is booked or a service is requested. 

“Eight-five percent of life-cycle costs to a facility are incurred post-construction”

When data silos are eliminated, efficiency rises. People waste less time trying to find information, and it becomes faster to reserve the services you need. 


Tip 2: Automate the Process

What does your current enterprise services delivery model look like? At some companies, service delivery is fulfilled after a time-consuming manual data entry process, which is definitely the opposite of efficient. 

Automating the process makes it more efficient. Enterprise service management solutions get rid of manual data entry. Instead of a facilities maintenance team member entering data about someone’s room booking, an enterprise service management solution allows an employee to make the request directly – there are no more third parties, no more data entry errors, and no more wasted time. 


Tip 3: Ensure That the Whole Enterprise Can Request Services Directly

Automating service requests is only one part of the answer. The second component is ensuring that everyone across the enterprise can make facilities management requests. If only some people but not others can request services directly, those “have-nots” aren’t able to work as efficiently. 

Here’s what that looks like: everyone should be able to request a room, not just certain positions or particular departments. Everyone should be able to request services (again, not limited to a person’s role at the company or team affiliation). That ability saves time and effort, allowing everyone to work faster. 

“When asked how to improve performance, 89% of managers surveyed believed investment in new technology would enable them to regain their lost time and ensure greater worker productivity”

The best thing about ESM solutions is that they’re not just meant for a single vertical or industry. Any company that inhabits a building can benefit from a more efficient mechanism of requesting services, as many firms are still stuck using manual methods that are time-consuming and waste resources. Facilities management can live up to its promise of delivering enterprise services more efficiently. To learn more about ESM, download From ITSM to ESM: The Evolution of the Digital Enterprise.

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