Top 5 Strengths of Outstanding ITSM Software

08/31/2017 by: The SunView Team

 Top 5 Strengths of Outstanding ITSM Software

Using effective IT service management (ITSM) software is a huge component of any IT organization's daily operations, but are IT departments really getting the most out of their software? ITSM software has the ability to improve organizational efficiency, boost effectiveness of services, establish change controls, and shed insight into the critical trends for analysis. However, many enterprise organizations have yet to master the true benefits of ITSM, its best practices, and really get the most value out of their tool solution.

When searching for an effective ITSM tool, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Let's explore the five strengths of an outstanding ITSM software solution.

1. Intelligent automation – Intelligent automation is the newest force in the IT world, and now automation is beginning to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The combined forces of AI and automation is beginning to shift the tasks of organizations, while IT professionals are beginning to realize that the adoption of ITSM automation can help staff work efficiently and effectively in order to meet their overall department goals. 

Automation is also a cost-saving tool for smaller businesses that need to save time. By remaining compliant and maintaining speed and consistency, the entire organization can save time and money. The right automation tool can provide more control and better visibility so that ownership and accountability are no longer an issue.

2. Self Service (Chat-bot) – End users are becoming more self-sufficient in seeking answers to support issues. Self-service support such as the self-service portal and virtual agents have made it possible for users to solve support issues on a 24/7 hour basis rather than directly reaching out to the IT organization for support.

While it is difficult to convince upper management to invest in self-service support (especially businesses with limited time and resources), there are benefits to these self-service technologies that can benefit both end users and IT staff. The use of virtual agents can reach beyond customers; and can also serve as a great tool for end users. Virtual Agents are also being used internally for staff, including quick response support and knowledge based support. The use of virtual agents can potentially be a great resource for organizations both externally and internally. 

3. Easy-to-use Dashboards (User Experience) – Dashboard should be an easy to read, summary analysis of information. Dashboards are a great tool for overseeing the system at a glance. Dashboards also have a customization feature so that each sectors of the IT department can best benefit.

In the past, staff users would spend too much time reviewing and analyzing many reports in order to end in a final conclusion. Now, the customization tool allows IT staff to see an overall situation report of the desired information that can best benefit each sector of the department. Each chain of command can create their own customized set of data in order to see the most valuable and useful set of information. By allowing customization, each person has the ability to see the level of detail that is needed in order to not only get the job done, but to make sure the overall department goals have been met. 

4. Codeless architecture – Codeless architecture has the ability to implement the ITSM solution with no step in the ITSM process. From initial setup to all of the maintenance and enhancements, the foundational knowledge of the codeless ITSM product is required for the IT department to accomplish major projects. With an ITSM tool that is built on a codeless platform, there is unlimited ITSM functionality that can build several solutions, enabling other departments to better execute and perform in tasks. 

5. CMDB/Asset Management – A configuration management database tool (CMDB) is very important for any ITIL. A CMDB contains a plethora of imperative information in regards to the organizations components. The barrier between a company’s core business and its IT infrastructure can be assisted with the use of CMDB. A good CMDB should be capable of mapping and managing critical resources. It should also assist companies in meeting the day to day business demands while eliminating costs.

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