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The Top Benefits of Enterprise Service Management Tools in HR

12/05/2018 by: Jaime Spector

Enterprise service management

If you’ve ever spoken to someone outside of HR about what he or she thinks about the department, you’re likely to hear a litany of stereotypes. “It takes so long to get anything done with HR!” they’ll complain. “They use outdated, manual methods.” 

HR doesn’t have to fall prey to such stereotypes anymore. Enterprise service management enables HR teams to automate processes, serve employees better, and improve HR’s image through the rest of the company. 

Enterprise Service Management Tools Automate Processes

Manual processes are time-consuming and inefficient. How can you speed them up and make the HR department a model of efficiency and productivity? The answer lies in automation. 

ESM tools automate manual processes. We’ll illustrate with an example: let’s say Jon wants to take some time off. He navigates to the ESM platform and submits a vacation request. The ESM solution notifies Jon’s boss of the request, who will either approve or deny it. If the request is approved, it can be entered into the company calendar. 

Enterprise Service Management Solutions Allow HR to Better Serve Employees

In August 2017, Charles Betz, a principal analyst at Forrester, wrote something that was both distressing and resonant: “Enterprises deliver services poorly, especially to themselves. From onboarding employees to approving contracts, when you need someone else’s help, the results are often dismal.”

As hard as it is to admit to ourselves, it’s true. Enterprise departments, including HR, do not deliver services well. For years, employees grudgingly accepted the status quo because there didn’t seem to be another way; that’s no longer the case.

“HR staff lose an average of 14 hours per week due to manually completing tasks”

Today’s employees are no longer content with manual processes. They’re accustomed to using technology in their day-to-day lives to make things more efficient, and they’re beginning to ask why things can’t be that way at the office. Implementing ESM tools in the HR department is one step towards satisfying those demands; ESM significantly reduces the need for manual processes so that HR employees can deliver services faster.

Enterprise Service Management, the Next Generation of ITSM.

Enterprise Service Management Tools Improve HR’s Image

Let’s take a second to go back to the opening paragraph. HR gets a bad rap, which isn’t deserved. Employees on the HR team work hard and aren’t recognized enough for their contributions to the rest of the company. 

Implementing ESM tools can change that. With ESM, employees no longer have to wait days or longer to make simple requests (such as changing their address). Automation allows those simple requests to be fulfilled in minutes. 

“Forty-one percent of recruiters believe the costs of not automating processes is lower productivity, while 35% say that not automating processes is expensive”

By implementing ESM tools, the HR department makes itself more efficient, delivers services to employees quickly, and improves its image across the enterprise. By automating processes, HR employees can focus on adding real value to the organization. To learn more about how ESM can transform the HR department for the better, read From ITSM to ESM: The Evolution of the Digital Enterprise.

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