The ITSM Software Market Is Booming, Thanks to AI

01/23/2020 by: The SunView Team

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In the coming years, the ITSM software market will be worth billions of dollars. What’s fueling that enormous growth? One of the factors involved is AI.

The blend of AI and ITSM software leads to speed, continuous improvement, and greater efficiency. Read on to learn more.

What Does the Combination of AI and ITSM Tools Look Like?

What does it look like when AI and ITSM software come together? To understand how the two components work together, let’s first look at what AI is. AI means that computers learn without being explicitly programmed, then reach conclusions based on that knowledge. 

For example, an AI solution might analyze a set of conference room bookings at a firm. The AI solution would see that most of the bookings also include a request for a projector. Now, the AI solution knows that it should offer the option to reserve a projector when someone books a room. 

How Do AI and ITSM Tools Make Operations Faster?

The secret to speeding up operations lies in AI’s power to automate processes. Manual processes tend to be rife with errors. When you rely on a machine to get things done, there’s a much higher chance of accuracy, so you don’t have to keep stopping and correcting what’s wrong. Manual processes become a thing of the past when everything is digitized. 

AI, ITSM Software, and Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is an ITIL term. It means that you’re always learning from past mistakes (as well as successes) to become even better. 

AI is built on the principle of continuous improvement. It never stops learning, so it will always be looking for better ways to solve problems. This is a boon for companies because it means they can always deliver better service internally and externally. 

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How AI and ITSM Tools Deliver Greater Efficiency

The pairing of AI and ITSM tools delivers greater efficiency. We’ll illustrate with an example. 

Let’s say that Alison’s firm recently implemented AI-enabled ITSM software to make the help desk ticketing process more efficient. The AI component has reviewed all of the previously-submitted help desk tickets to learn what’s been done in the past. Moreover, the AI-enabled ITSM tools offer self-service capabilities, so users can access help when they need it (rather than having to wait for the help desk to work through a queue of tickets). 

“Accenture predicts AI can boost productivity by 40%.”

Whenever Alison and her colleagues have a help desk query, their first step is to turn to the AI-enabled ITSM solution. They no longer immediately contact the help desk, which takes the pressure off that team. Because the AI-enabled ITSM software has self-service functionality, Alison can look for the answers to her questions on her own, which saves her time and frustration. 

The combination of AI and ITSM tools is driving ITSM software’s popularity. AI and ITSM speed up operations, offer continuous improvement, and make your firm more efficient.

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