The Benefits of Corporate Acquisitions

09/09/2021 by: The SunView Team

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We all face changes every day. Whether that means running back inside your house to grab an umbrella when it starts raining, or taking a back road to work to avoid a traffic jam on the interstate—change is inevitable. Change affects all of us in different ways, and we each deal with it differently. Some people will do almost anything to avoid change, while others embrace it as it comes. History has proven that those in the latter group are typically the ones who achieve their greatest potential.

We are excited at SunView to share the acquisition news with you. The combined company will highlight the best of both worlds across our product portfolio resulting in more feature rich solutions and benefits for customers. We already began work on releasing new offerings which will work with your existing systems, in addition to new product roadmaps.

The immediate opportunity for ChangeGear customers is to consider adding an intelligent, conversational virtual agent to further streamline and automate service requests. We have heard feedback from many of you and will now be able to deliver an integration with Luma Virtual Agent on the ChangeGear platform. Longer term, we are more committed than ever to deliver increased productivity, better employee engagement and increased customer satisfaction. For the rest of this blog post, please visit

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