Streamline Service Desk Operations with Machine Learning and AI

02/07/2018 by: The SunView Team

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How would you describe your current service desk operations? Would you say they’re smooth and hassle-free? More importantly, what would your end-users say – would they be satisfied with the speed and effectiveness of your service desk?

If the answers to either of these questions is “no,” what can you do to improve your service desk operations? Machine learning and AI help you streamline the way you run your service desk so it’s efficient, cost-effective, and delivers high levels of customer satisfaction.


How Does Machine Learning and AI Work?

In order to understand how machine learning and AI can benefit your service desk, it’s important to gain an understanding of how they work.

AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines (especially computer systems). Machine learning is a type of AI. It enables software applications to assimilate information, then apply that data in situations without being programmed to do so. 

“AI and machine learning reduce the need for human intervention”

Service desk software vendors have realized that AI and machine learning are enormously valuable features to have in their solutions because they reduce the need for human intervention (which saves organizations time and money).    


How Can AI and Machine Learning Streamline Service Desk Operations?

AI and machine learning make service desk operations run more smoothly in three ways: they make them efficient, cost-effective, and they improve customer satisfaction levels.

In economics, efficiency means that resources are optimally allocated. Think about your current service desk operations – is that the case? Are your service desk employees spending their time in the most valuable way, or are they stuck dealing with cases that simply aren’t mission-critical?

“Are service desk employees stuck dealing with cases that aren’t mission-critical?”

Service desk software featuring AI and machine learning solves that problem. It provides a self-service portal and/or a chatbot to help end-users figure out what’s wrong and how to solve the problem. The service desk software will only escalate an issue to a human if necessary.

Moreover, AI and machine learning make service desk operations more cost-effective. It costs much more money for a service desk representative to solve an IT problem than it does for AI and machine learning-enabled software. On top of that, the service desk software can help far more end-users at once, whereas humans can only help one person at a time.

“AI and machine learning make service desk operations more cost-effective”

When end-users receive faster service, they are more satisfied. Instead of waiting hours or even days for their problem to be solved, they might be able to find a solution in minutes. While some people are concerned that end-users won’t want to receive service from a machine, human beings really just want their issue to be resolved quickly and don’t care who does it.

For some service desks, streamlining their operations seems out of reach. It’s not, with the right service desk software. Choosing a solution that’s enabled by AI and machine learning makes your service desk more efficient, cost-effective, and better at satisfying customers. To learn more, read the ebook 7 Reasons Why AI Will Change Everything on Your Service Desk.

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