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Want to Reduce the Cost of Incident Resolution? The Answer Is ITSM

07/03/2019 by: Jaime Spector


When you’re considering investing in new software, you have to demonstrate how it provides value to both your department and the organization. In some cases, that’s a difficult task to accomplish. However, when it comes to ITSM solutions, explaining how ITSM software delivers value is easy. 

ITSM solutions deliver value by automating help desk workflows. That might seem like it’s only valuable to help desk staff, but it’s actually valuable to the entire company. Read on to learn more. 

Automating Repetitive Tasks

How many times a week do people ask for password resets? Research from HDI shows that password resets are the most common help desk service request. Although there’s no hard proof for this, there’s probably quite a bit of anecdotal evidence that password resets are one of the most annoying service tickets. 

Why is that? Although passwords are crucial for users to access the systems they need, resetting them is a repetitive and rather boring task. Not only would help desk staff rather not spend their time on repetitive and boring tasks, but there are also more important things they can be doing, such as monitoring the network for threats. 

The Benefits of Automation

Automation has deeper and broader benefits that extend beyond the help desk. It saves time and improves employee retention rates. 

We’ll use the example of password resets to explain how automation saves time for help desk employees and end-users. Instead of submitting a help desk ticket, a user would navigate to a self-help portal or open a chatbot window and type in their question (“How do I reset my password?”). The knowledge base would provide an answer quickly, meaning that users don’t have to wait for service desk staff to help them. 

“According to Gartner, 48% of users first try to help themselves before turning to the service desk”

Aside from saving time for help desk staff and users alike, automation improves job satisfaction for help desk staff. While that might seem like an issue that only applies to the help desk, it has implications that affect the entire firm. 

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Repetitive, boring work such as resetting passwords lowers morale for service desk staff. They don’t want to be stuck in a job that doesn’t offer a challenge. If you can’t offer them that, they’ll take their talents elsewhere. 

“Researchers have estimated that it costs six to nine month’s salary to replace an employee”

Replacing employees is both expensive and time-consuming, and it’s a major problem in the IT industry – the turnover rate is over 13%. Every time a staff member leaves, he or she takes knowledge with him or her, meaning that the company has to spend more time training someone else both to do that task and to know what his or her predecessor knew. ITSM solutions automate repetitive tasks, allowing help desk staff to work on more challenging (and rewarding) that will keep them in your employ.

ITSM delivers value to organizations far beyond just the IT department – they save time and money.

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