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Understanding IT Change Management vs. Organizational Change

08/29/2017 by: Jaime Spector

  On its surface, the term change management can seem somewhat broad and ambiguous, yet it holds highly specific meanings depending on how it’s used within the enterprise. A simple google search will return varying degrees of how CIOs and IT organizations think of change and what those management concepts mean for both the people and processes put into place.  Read More

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How AI is Leveling the Playing Field for SMBs

08/23/2017 by: Jaime Spector

It’s the battle of the machines! And while the concept of AI may conjure up bombastic visions of terminators, replicants and space odysseys; in the modern business world, Artificial Intelligence has become a regular part of our everyday lexicon. Now, topics like implementing smart automation, machine learning, facilitating support via chatbots, gaining insights with predictive analytics, etc., ... Read More

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Customer Service is the Top Priority of Your Service Desk

08/21/2017 by: Eric Dickmann

  This entry is written as part of "The End User Advocate" blog series, an informal examination of IT processes and the people who interact with them. Across the modern enterprise, we hear a lot about customer service. It's in our company mission statements, service level agreements, and the ideology that is prominently displayed on our website. Yet for all the technological innovations designed ... Read More

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Thought Leader Spotlight Series: Roy Atkinson

08/14/2017 by: Jenny Hernandez

This entry is written as part of the "Thought Leader Spotlight" blog series, which aims to highlight some of the most influential and well-respected minds in the IT industry. When I first found Mr. Atkinson on Twitter, I was very intrigued with his knowledge of IT Service Management and his passion for customer service through his #HDIChat series. It finally dawned on me - why don't I write a ... Read More

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APM vs. NPM: Know the Difference

08/09/2017 by: Jaime Spector

The enterprise sure likes its acronyms. ITSM, ITIL, ITOM… it seems like there is no shortage of tools, software, methodologies and best practice abbreviations popping up on vendor websites and analyst reports. And just like the aforementioned segments, there are often misinterpretations or confusion among those new to the IT industry when trying to describe them. Previously, we’ve covered the ... Read More

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The Future State of AI in the Enterprise

08/03/2017 by: Jenny Hernandez

  The adoption and integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into enterprise process management is becoming the norm according to the 2017 The State of AI in the Enterprise  survey. The respondents from over 100 North American IT leaders found that using AI in the enterprise is no longer something of the future, but is being fully utilized in today’s workplace. Over two-thirds of survey ... Read More

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A Quick Start Guide to ITIL Processes

08/01/2017 by: Jaime Spector

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog lately (if not, you can subscribe on the sidebar), you’d probably notice that we’ve been on bit of an ITIL kick lately. And why not? ITIL is, after all, instrumental in its ability to plan, strategize, implement, manage and govern IT services for the vast majority of enterprise IT organizations. If you want to learn more of the importance of ITIL, check out ... Read More


10 Ways to Improve Your End User Experience

07/28/2017 by: Eric Dickmann

  This entry is written as part of "The End User Advocate" blog series, an informal examination of IT processes and the people who interact with them. When your end users have a problem, they don't want to spend hours on the phone trying to resolve it. Attention spans are going increasingly short and users want to interact with organizations in the ways they're most comfortable. The challenge for ... Read More

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10 Reasons Why You Should Consider an ITIL Certification

07/25/2017 by: Jaime Spector

For years now, ITIL (formerly known as the IT Infrastructure Library) has remained the cornerstone and industry-standard best practice framework for supporting, managing and aligning IT Service Management with the needs of the business. Trademarked by AXELOS, ITIL acts as a governing agent for IT, and uses the ITIL Service Lifecycle to map the entire journey from customer needs and requirements ... Read More


IT in 2017: Exploring The New Demands of the CIO

07/19/2017 by: Stephen Mann

IT has never really been about the "IT". It has always been about the business use cases in which IT is employed, and the better business outcomes it helps to deliver. In 2017, this need for better business outcomes (from IT) is more important than ever, and in every part of business operations. Read More

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