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01/16/2018 by: The SunView Team

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Organizations in today’s fast paced environment understand the importance of developing business agility so that they can quickly and efficiently adapt to changing business and customer requirements. Many have undertaken digital transformation projects that digitize information, streamline processes, reduce costs and ultimately increase customer satisfaction. 

Beyond Digital Transformation

While digital transformation has provided tremendous value to organizations, new intelligent tools that incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) are emerging and ushering in a new era of “smart automation”. 

The challenge for organizations is to understand the benefits of AI technologies, how to get started with AI projects, and decide which ITSM vendor to partner with.    

Artificial Intelligence Integrates with Existing ITSM Solutions

Much has already been written on how AI can enhance ITSM solutions. It helps organizations automate routine tasks, generate business insights, predict trends, speed up workflows, inform decision-making, and provide end users with self-help options.

For car enthusiasts, one way to think about AI and what it does for your ITSM solutions is to compare it to a turbocharged engine. A turbocharger is typically an option or upgrade to your base engine that provides higher internal efficiency and power output while delivering a much better user experience over a non-turbocharged model. In short, you maximize process efficiency and output using the same platform and this is exactly what AI brings to ITSM solutions.  

Simply put, AI can accelerate your business processes, help your organization gain a competitive advantage, and increase customer satisfaction.


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 Separating Marketing Hype From Reality

AI has been discussed by many ITSM vendors, but only a few offer commercially viable products today.  Because of the nascent-to-emergent state of AI, organizations are cautiously evaluating the AI landscape to ensure they have a clear understanding of the technology and its costs/benefits. They are also looking for assurances that the solutions are fully developed, tested and supported by ITSM vendors before investing. 

It’s clear that AI technologies have the potential to benefit organizations. Key business drivers for utilizing AI in ITSM solutions include:

  • Intelligent Process Automation – Uses AI technologies to automatically and intelligently speed up the evaluation, prioritization, routing, assignment, and resolution of tickets. Customer issues can also be prioritized and addressed based on user sentiment.
  • Predictive Insights – Leverages AI and big data to provide actionable intelligence that organizations can use to prioritize and manage workload and address important customer issues based on user sentiment. They also resolve issues with greater consistency, speed and accuracy.
  • Customer Engagement – Enables customers to take control of resolving their own issues using real-time information and intelligent suggestions provided by AI technologies such as chatbots. This reduces ticket volumes and staffing requirements while improving customer satisfaction through faster ticket resolution.

The Future is Here for Smart Automation

New AI solutions are rolling off the “assembly line” as this blog is being written that can solve numerous business problems and Gartner predicts that by 2020, AI will be a top five investment priority for more than 30 percent of CIOs.

These new AI solutions have been discussed or conceptualized by many ITSM software vendors, but only a few have moved them from the nascent to the development phase.

Future blogs will focus on how AI smart automation can benefit various industry segments.

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