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Windows 8 impact on ITSM

10/25/2012 by: The SunView Team

Anyone in the IT Organization that isn't paying attention to the new Windows 8 launch had better start taking notice. If you do not think that Windows 8 will have an impact on your daily operations, think again. I cannot say if the consumerization will be as dramatic as that from Apple products like the iPad and iPhone, but, ready or not, here comes Microsoft.
The new Windows 8 operating system is going to be an integrated platform for all things computing. My Xbox is currently running the beta Windows 8 interface. The tile look may be slightly different, but the reason I wanted to participate was to get access to Internet Explorer through my Xbox. It is still difficult, but I am sure some of the issue is that I do not totally understand how to navigate the interface.

Coming to a user near you.
In Tom's Hardware news post today, Dell has showcased 5 new Windows 8 devices. The ones that have me excited are the XPS 10 Tablet with the optional Keyboard dock and a full sized keyboard and the Inspiron 15z Ultrabook, starting at $900 with a touchscreen interface. Wow! Talk about the best combination of a tablet and a laptop!
Don't get me wrong, I love my iPad, but the frustration I face every single day with the interactions limited by no keyboard and mouse make me crazy. I cannot seriously accomplish work with my iPad, but I can use it to view/share media content like presentations, articles, videos, and websites. Ironically, I am so comfortable with the iPad interface, that I often touch my laptop screen before I realize it is not a touchscreen.
I know what you are thinking, but we issue company laptops at our company and we control the operating system and we are not ready to support Windows 8. Get ready, your users are about to start bringing in their own devices to work to do everything! The devices offered with the launch of Windows 8 are about to challenge your IT Organization's ability to keep up. Windows 8 is here, ok it will be tomorrow.
There has already been a major shift in the BYOD use in your environment with Smart Phones. Whether your users are early adaptors and on their 3 rd iPhone or just getting into it with the newest Samsung Galaxy, you know the impact that these devices are having on your Service Desk. Hopefully you have the solutions for the most of the common requests available in your self-service portal, i.e. setting up email on every smart phone using every cell phone network in the known world!
If you think that the Smart Phone was impactful on your IT Organization, you ain't seen nothing yet! I know that many of your users are probably using their personal Mac devices for work. They do this because they like it better than the company issued devices. Wait until some of your early adopters get their hands on the new laptop/tablet hybrid running on Windows 8. You know what they need next? That's right, help from your Service Desk. They will want access to their files, email€¦ all on your servers. Good luck and let me know how your Windows 8 "non" deployment goes.

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