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When Legacy Means Old: When Should You Replace Your ITSM System?

01/04/2012 by: The SunView Team

For me, "Middle School" was an auspicious time for developing and shaping my fondness for technology. Following what had become two quarters, a whole semester mind you, of daily beatings during "Phys Ed," I finally had a turn at my school's Intro to Computing Class.

At the time I didn't know a lot about computers, and my family wasn't wealthy enough to have one at home. However, I had a pretty good idea I would like it a lot more than how I had been spending the first part of seventh grade.

Soon, under the glee of avoiding the bruises from a pecking order gone wrong, I made great friends with a fellow by the name of Tandy. Of course, we related on a lot of levels - he even understood how horrible nicknames can be (he had worn the Trash 80 moniker like a badge of honor). In short, it was a match made in heaven.

With physical adolescence long behind me, I had forgotten this relationship. The rough spots of learning a new language, and the joys of playing my hand-coded version of "Snake" were replaced by Bulletin Board Systems, HTML, and eventually, the World Wide Web. That is, until the latter of that trio refreshed my memory with a very old advertisement.

After getting over a deep realization of just how long ago that was, I started to think about how technology has a tendency of hanging around. The fact is, that TRS-80 I befriended (or given a critical jump in AI, befriended me) was well beyond its prime when I was keying BASIC commands. Though new to me, I was going to a public school, and it was far from hi-tech. As I later learned, these icons of technology were essentially hand-me-downs donated from a business that was upgrading their systems. At the time, I was none the wiser. It worked for what I needed it to do, and I really had no mechanism to measure it against - I simply worked with what was available to me.

Oddly enough, a lot of businesses do the same thing. They'll keep technology around, long past its prime. Often, the fear of cost and learning something new get in the way of practical decision making. Plus, just like me, there usually isn't a clear understanding that legacy means old.

So, to help everyone out there fight this conundrum of age, technology, and usefulness, we've created a guide - Legacy ITSM Solution Guide. In the guide we take a practical approach to identifying key areas where an ITSM system can start to show its age, as well as highlight areas where modern ITSM solutions are making great strides. You can download the free guide by clicking the banner below.