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What Makes a Modern Service Desk? 5 Things You Should Know

02/26/2015 by: The SunView Team


The IT service desk industry has changed a great deal in recent years thanks to innovation emerging as a common theme across the sector. A great deal of effort has gone into introducing new features and functionality to meet rising IT demands in a variety of industries, and the result has been a move toward more advanced and sophisticated service desk solutions. Five standout capabilities of modern service desks include:

1. Cutting-edge dashboard functions
The service desk dashboard is the area where users will spend a great deal of their time. It is the central hub they can use to prioritize tasks, view key performance data, check up on projects and get a bird's eye view of what they need to get done. Modern service desks have introduced advanced dashboard functions, particularly the ability to customize dashboards based on different user personas, that drive efficiency and improve the solution for all parties involved.

2. Data analytics
Business intelligence tools can help organizations get a clear view of how their service desk is functioning. Advanced business intelligence systems are being integrated into modern service desks, allowing the solution to easily capture data and report it to users in a variety of meaningful and accessible ways.


3. Remote access
IT operators can get the job done in a wider range of ways than ever, with mobility spearheading the move toward agility. Modern service desk solutions are bringing this functionality to your support teams by giving them the freedom to access their tools remotely via a variety of device types. The result is a much more flexible service desk solution that gives your support workers the freedom to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

4. Advanced functions
Modern service desk envelopes are building out support modules that go well beyond traditional incident, problem and change management solutions. More nuanced modules for everything from release to line-of-business processes are also available alongside sophisticated versions of traditional support systems.

5. Cloud-based delivery
Using the cloud to deliver the service desk solution makes the initial implementation much more efficient and cost effective. At the same time, the cloud's inherent flexibility makes it much easier to add new support modules over time, allowing you to effectively choose the right solution for the moment while being able to make consistent upgrades over time.

Modern service desks can change the way you think of IT support, helping you turn your service desk team into a unit that creates significant value.

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